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HELP! Brown spots and yellowing of top leaves

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    HELP! Brown spots and yellowing of top leaves

    I’m currently in week 6 of probably 10 of flower. This is my 5th grow. I’m using Reno nutriments and usually around that time, I notice that some of my top leaves have brown spots and start yellowing. According to the Reno nutriment schedule, I need to lower the amount of Magnifical (Cal-Mag-Nitrogen) compared to other nutriment. I would appreciate the community’s help to help diagnose my plants problem.

    Air temperature at canopy is 81-84F. (I’m planning to replace my 4” inline fan to a 6” fan after this grow).
    PPFD is between 800-1050 across the canopy. I’m shooting for 925 average. (I added 400w of COB to my 220W led in this grow)

    Canopy picture is after trimming the 20-30 most affected leaves.

    As it in late stage in cycle minor problems won't bother it. Keep it healthy and harvest


      Alright, I chatted with Remo nutriments and we came to the conclusion it was a Calcium and Magnesium deficiency. Remo’s Cal-Mag supplement has Nitrogen in it. What are the inconvenience of supplementing Nitrogen in the second half of flower?

      Also, I increased my ph to 6.2-6.3 from 5.8-6.0


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