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Help, leaves are turning yellow!

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    HELP! Help, leaves are turning yellow!

    hi, new to the group as well as growing in general. As you can see, my outdoor gorilla glue plant is yellowing. I’ve tried increasing nitrogen by using natural fertilizers (used coffee grounds) but that didn’t do anything. Is this a nutrient deficiency, or just normal, pre-flowering die back? Any info you can provide would be appreciated. I’d hate to loose her!
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    Looks like you might have wrecked the pH in your is acidic....just because it's "natural" doesn't mean it ain't toxic to your plants.
    Space 1: 3ft x 3ft T-Tek tent
    400W HPS Mag Ballast
    GH Floro - DWC
    Current grow - Humboldt Fem Green Crck from seed
    - TGA GSC x Space Dude clones

    Space 2: 6ft x 6ft x 8ft room
    IponicZone 400/600/1000W dimmable HPS E-Ballast
    Supplemented with California Lightworks Solar System 275 with spectrum control
    GH Maxi Series-DWC
    Current grow - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream from seed
    - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream Clones
    - TGA GSC x Space Dude from reg seed in dirt, G.O. Box nutes


      Ok good to know. Is there a way to fix that? Ie. rebalance the pH?


        When you feed a plant you obviously consider it size. That fairly big and organic you giving isn't OK. Enough food for it size


          So you think it’s a lack of nutrients as opposed to a pH problem, as per the other response? Just trying to figure this out. Thanks!


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