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Outdoor Nutes and Thunderstorms

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    Outdoor Nutes and Thunderstorms

    Quite a line of storms moving through today and it made me wonder (haven't had much rain of late so it's been all on me). If I fed yesterday and we got an inch or more of rain since then does this qualify as a natural flush of sorts? And as far as schedules I'm guessing that it is out the window for a few days 'til it dries out a bit? There's a small chance of hail as well so I'm watching real close. Sadie is on rollers on my deck and in a pinch I could get her inside if that happens. Be a mess for sure but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
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    I'd just worry about the hail, sure it would be great not to water after given nutes but hail would be my concern.
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