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    First time grower

    Hello All, I just want to say thanks to all on this site. I've make several post and appreciate all your replies. I have a few more questions;
    1. Had a lost of bug problems, but seem to have them under control. do you think i should continue spraying with spinosad?
    2. I have been watering two gallons every other day. In the evening of the off day, I check the soil with a 3 in 1 meter, and it's right in the middle, about 5 inches down. do you think that's two dry?
    3. she has been flowering for 2 weeks, I switch the water every other time, from pure water to nutes, using foxfarm big bloom. I'm guessing she will need another 6 weeks, so do you thing i should throw in some tiger bloom, for the nitrogen, or is she good without it from this point.
    4. this may be a silly question, but do you think it's to late to dig her up and transplant her into a large pot?

    Hi johnb1963
    nice looking plant!
    1) spinosad is a biological pesticide that calms that it's safe in Flowering, If possible don't Spray anything in flowering if you can help it but do what you need too.
    2). Your plant looks healthy so keep watering how your doing it.
    3). Add the tiger bloom now.
    4). Don't repot in flower unless it's a emergency.
    keep up the good work.
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      thanks Mr.furley! so when you say add tiger bloom now, how should I do that? alternate with the big bloom, on the every other watering cycle, or add it to the pure water cycle?


      • Mr.furley
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        Correct. Add it to your existing routine, diluting each one individually into your water/feeding all at the same time.
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