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Leaf issue, flowering need help asap

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    HELP! Leaf issue, flowering need help asap

    Hey guys,

    I am a beginner grower, havent had any kind of assistance or tutoring, have been teaching myself through books and internet.
    this is my first grow and I didn't even start them from seeds or cloning. I got them dropped on me after they were brought from a farm as a few week clones and then after about 1.5 months of not being taken care of properly.
    It is two plants, one sativa and one indica. Indica has been doing well without much attention but the sativa has been giving me quite some issues.

    Through growing these through the last part of veg and into flowering everything was ok to an extent considering what the plants went through before i got my hands on them.
    When i got my hands on them i went ahead and lollipop-ed them and identified spidermites and possibly thrips. i used azamax for a while and Ive been using green cleaner since it got into flower.
    the growth has been pretty good and the only big thing ive had to do with the soil and nutes is the first week of flowering i noticed i had a nutrient lockout so i had to flush for a week or so.
    since flushing everything has been looking ok. I believe the mite issue had progressed so much by the time i got my hands on them and was treating them that it was a bit too late because i was applying azamax every couple days and when i got to the green cleaner i was applying it almost every day. the mites on the indica seemed to not be as bad but the mites on the sativa kept progressing with small bud sites dying and getting webbed up. when i came in yesterday morning it was dried a bit and droopy so i watered it cause it was time schedule wise and the plant was telling me it needed water. gave it water with a bit of nutes and when i came in this morning it looked more shriveled and dried out so i think it has up and died and i just need to remove it. not 100% sure why the sativa died, the only thing i can thiink of is the mites just ate it up or there might have been root rot or rust/broad mites

    I noticed that the indicas leaves were getting a bit of coloring on them and wanted to ask around and see if anybody could give me some advice. the big leaf with the rust looking stuff on it is what im concerned about and also at the bottom of the plant there has always been some leaves here and there that look like they have a greenish browning to them and they shrivel like this.
    didnt know if someone had any ideas. Im hoping that these plants are just struggling due to them being brought from a farm and not being taken care of properly for the first 2 months of life and they were in veg for a bit longer than i would have liked cause i feel like ive been doing everything right and ive been working hard to keep these plants healthy.

    Hey SF, man, that's a beautiful Sativa; sounds to me like you have done the very best you could for these poor girls who were abused and neglected before you got them. What a shame the way some folks do.

    I don't know what that extreme yellow is, I'd like to see a picture of the whole Indica plant. How many weeks in flower? Grown inside? Does she need another flush? How are you feeding her?
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      That plant isn’t going to recover, id let it run knowing you won’t get good buds and plan on making hash. Sorry man, that sucks!


        I removed the big sativa plant and disposed of her cause she for sure was dead and there was nothing to be done but to remove her and keep it from infecting the healthier looking indica plant.

        I figured the discoloration on some of the indica leaves were a small cal-mag def. or excess potassium causing a cal-mag def. but i gave her a small dose of cal-mag, a dash of cytoplus, and a dash of sea of green the other day and she seems to be doing well and the buds are finally starting to swell a good bit.

        Shes been in flower for about 6 weeks so im giving her a good 2ish weeks to get those buds fuller (i know they wont get too big because of all the crap that its been through).
        She should need about 2, maybe 3, more waters before harvest and im going to spend those waters using plain <50ppm to try and flush it out for the last 10-14 days to let it use up as much nutrients from the leaves.

        This is an indoor grow and im not sure if it makes a difference but this is "Hemp Flower" or high CBD strains, I work at carolina hemp company. I assume it doesnt make a difference since its all the same plant just different strains and phenotypes.


          Definately Potassium burn. Flush more, you can also add a very little N & P with 2:3 ratio and dry soil forcefully. Might help.


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