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Outdoor grower concerned about all the HEMP

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    Outdoor grower concerned about all the HEMP

    Outdoor grow concerned about all the HEMP

    So here in southern Oregon we are seeing an explosive growth in hemp planting.
    I have several within 5 miles from my home.
    What are cannabis growers doing to keep cross pollination from ruining our grows.

    I am a recreational grower two plants outside and two inside.
    I think my indoor ladies will be OK, but I am worried about my outdoor grow.
    Any suggestions?
    Cannabis capsules 4 all 💊

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    Actually, I read a big article on your exact problem and it was about Oregon. They’re argument is that the pollen can easily be carried a few miles by wind and insects and wreak havoc on cannabis farms reducing the bottom line to nothing. They offered no solution as of that article about 6 weeks ago


      Hemp may need to be feminized, although that's no guarantee. Either Cannabis or hemp growers are going to have to go to an inside grow warehouse.

      Cannacaps, I'd move my grow indoors if I were close to hemp farms. I wouldn't risk pollenation if it were possible.
      Anyone can grow schwag. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard:

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        Morning neighbor yes this has been my concern especially this season. I'm trying to figure out why the calaxys (hairs & Pods) kept building on 2 of my autos. They just kept swelling, bursting but had hairs. I have found very immature seed shells empty very small and white on a WW auto I harvested about a month ago. I'm a bit nervous about my 6 photos they fem. seeds but...….slowly showing sex and pre flower. They are 6-7ft. tall.


          I have this concern as well, but maybe not as much with hemp as pollen from hermies, wild weed and folks that are just new to growing.
          Aren't the hemp farmers growing seedless as well? Thats what it looks like in the news when it gets popped for being over the limit.


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