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    18 July planted 3 DAIMOND Girl (greenhouse seeds) and 3 C99x Blueberry (seedsman)
    growing in hygen coco coir using gh flora trio and cal mag feeding @ levels provided on Nebulas
    gh trio schedule have forgotten to ph twice last time being this feed is there anything i can do to fix this or just be more vigilant
    in the future with my ph and carry on if i see no problem Click image for larger version

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    left DAIMOND Girl right C99x Blueberry

    Hi bob, Lovely plants!! (A little punctuation will make your posts a lot easier to read.) What exactly are you trying to fix???
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      Thanks for taking the time to take a look alltatup, not sure if there is a problem just looks a little droopy compared to my last plant, which was my first success

    They look good, pH is a very important issue so just be more vigilant... if your base water is not too far out of range to start with, you may not have deviated too much anyway. My base ph is quite alkaline so I cannot just ignore it


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      Cheers Farmall ,my ph varies 8.5 first thing in the morning to 7.2 after the taps have been used for a while . Tested nutrient water and it is 6.7 before phing

    Next watering give them plain pHed water, that will allow them to use up the nutes from last watering.
    For practice - pH the water you drink, just to see where it's at - don't have to adjust it - just practice. After a week, you'll never forget to pH your water.
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      Thanks for the tips Canuck147 , need to get ph testing to be habitual

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