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Leaf Septoria?

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    HELP! Leaf Septoria?

    So to start, I have 2 outdoor plants that began as clones from a friend. They’re less than 2 months old but not far off. I recently noticed 1 of them starting to get what looks like spots. I went through the plant doctor part of the site and the pics of leaf septoria are really the only thing that looks similar. I feed every 2 weeks with fish emulsion 5-1-1 and that’s the only thing I’ve used besides water (tap water). I noticed this a couple days ago, I read that leaf septoria generally starts by the bottom but this kinda just came out all over out of nowhere. I believe the soil is too acidic at the moment. I use the pill ph tester where you mix the powder with the soil and water and compare the colour. I took a ph sample of both plants yesterday and made the mistake of mixing up the caps and I was second guessing which was from which plant. Of course they were my last pills so i couldn’t just re check until I get more. But one of them was reading acidic and I’m 90% sure it’s the one with the spots. Any recommendations for a good PH tester off amazon that’s not crazy expensive but still relatively accurate? But more importantly, does that look like leaf septoria to anybody? If so what do you think my best approach is to curing it? All help and advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    It's just too hard to tell, you caught whatever might be wrong quickly, that's a good thing.
    I think you're best off going to the home page here and looking through the plant problem link, it's really informative.


      maybe it your tap water .tap water can be hard or soft and chloride..they look a like bleahish to me i got a clone with few lime green stains .


        I tested my tap water and the nutes I give every 2 weeks. The green is the tap water which looks like it’s around 8 and the nutes is the piss colour looks to be closer to 6.5. The nutes is 1 teaspoon of Muskie fish emulsion 5-1-1 per 1L of tap water. I assume I should bring the ph down on the tap water I give. But should I bring the ph up a little on my nutes? I still need to get a ph soil tester


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