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Been a little while...also issues with getting seeds...

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    Been a little while...also issues with getting seeds...

    So I've been away for a while but am trying to get back in business. Problem is, most of my seeds are too old to germinate properly I checked our favorite site and found a new bank recommended, MSNL, and found they had my favorite strain Bruce Banner #3! I ordered the seeds, got the package and no seeds. There was a piece of green DHS tape that said "EXAMINED" on it but no note saying that anything got confiscated. I did get guaranteed stealth and emailed MSNL and they told me where to look but im still not seeing it so now im playing email tag. Has anyone had trouble with MSNL and getting a replacement shipment? Should i be worried?

    i dont have any first hand experience but ive heard people have had trouble in the past because the seeds were hidden too well. some folks over here have done the replacement of seeds successfully. glad to have an old timer back


    • Tersky
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      Yeah I got the package on Friday and spent the weekend looking at it. The thing is there was only like one place to hide the shipment in just due to the item they put it in and there was nothing there. I mean we are talking about something that at its thickest is as thick as a tshirt and i checked everywhere, even the improbable places. Lol they are closed on the weekends so i had to stew in my anxiety. And now because of the time difference i gotta wait until tomorrow for them to reply to my reply of their initial reply...

      And it's good to be back. It's been a while since i picked up my green thumb and i don't feel like an old timer anymore lol. Gotta get back in the swing and my old seeds are being difficult.

    Wow that's a bummer Tersky. Wish you luck getting your order.
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      Whelp, haven't heard back from them. And now i think they are closed for the day...not having much luck

      EDIT: Figures that they would contact me right after i posted . Looks like they are sending out another shipment tomorrow! Praying to the ganja gods for a safe journey!
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        Tersky, You have to look everywhere. I've had them send in the seam of a Baby's Bib.
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        • Obi-Wan
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          It seems like they get more creative every year. I don’t want to give away any of their secrets but I was left scratching my head a few times, then on my last order it came in a plain shipping envelope with just the seed packs inside. Sometimes the best stealth is no stealth at all!!

        Msnl is the only seedbank I use or recommend..they have awesome genetics and I had a shipment get zapped by customs x-ray and nothing germinated...they replaced it immediately. Just grew 5 of there autos n got 2lbs ! I love the genetics they serve up. I'm sure you will too. Good luck.

        I too have a pack of beans from them on the way right now. Fingers crossed and happy growing.



          Got my seeds and...well...they messed up my order...AND one of my GSC seeds arived crushed!!! This is the worst first impression ive had with a seed bank. Im gonna give them the chance to make it right but i think im going back to seedsman. Never had issues with them. Well, you live you learn i guess.


          • SoOrbudgal
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            Again total bummer. Sorry for the loss I've been happy with Seedsman

          Well the good news is after i sent them pics they are sending replacements. I hate being that guy who complains but when i was missing a third of my order i had to say something. At least they are trying to make it right.



            Ordered my Blueberry Oh on July 20 from seedsman. Received an email telling me customs is growing my beans. So I'm waiting again. But I will say that my order went from 3 beans to 10 on their pocket, so I'm being patient. Figured I should give you a heads up seems how you're swimming in beanxiety. All the best brother ✌️


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