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High heat and humidity levels

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    High heat and humidity levels

    Things have been going well up until the last couple of weeks. I'm in week 8 of flower and i can not seem to get the environment right. The humidity if left alone is 55-60% at 25 degrees. The thing is if i put the humidifier on the humidity goes down to about 48% but the heat rises to 29+ degrees lights off!

    As I'm only a beginner (second grow) I don't know what's causing my current problem with the leaves (see below) its frustrating the hell out of me. Some plants seem unaffected. I'm unsure if this is a heat/nutrient issue. Also would now be a good time to flush? As you can see one plant is Okay the other is not

    Click image for larger version

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    First thing is getting all that dead crap out of there, they're doing nothing except potentially causing rot inside your buds.
    Humidity of 55 to 60 % isn't bad, it's actually right in the range that I prefer, your heat is somewhat high but not too bad either, it can be worked with.
    It's really hard to get a good idea of exactly what is going on there from your pictures so I can't recommend much aside from getting the dead stuff out of there and checking the plant problem link on the home page, it may be a great help to you.
    Good luck.


    • Yorky123
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      Thank you. I’ve read the bud rot article and it’s a little scary telling me to get rid of the buds. I’ll defoliate as much of that stuff off as I can tonight.

    How far is your light from your canopy? And how powerful is your light?


      It’s about 12 inches away. They can’t go up anymore they’re touching the ceiling. I think they’re 600w they get very hot. All the equipment was given to me so I’m not all too knowledgeable of it


      • HappyDaze
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        Just looks like heat stress to me. You're far enough along that you'll still have a decent harvest. I'd follow the advice above and try to clean out any dead leaf matter. With your high RH, mold starts to become a concern...some brown fan leaves at the end of the cycle...meh that's nature.

      I set my dehumidifier up with ducting to outside, only way to not create more hear.


        Man Yorky123 that looks really close to harvest in the second pic. If it's just one tall cola getting affected if it were mine i'd use a scope on the trichs maybe even consider removing it if the lower half is not ready do a "sectional" harvest.
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          Harvest time very soon. Thankfully won’t have to deal with this problem any longer. Thanks to all who replied 👍


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