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Help! Nothing will grow anymore

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    Help! Nothing will grow anymore

    Hi everyone I’m in need of some serious help.
    i’ve been growing for about 5 years as a hobby. With great success. Now nothing will grow in my closet. Everything gets stunted in veg. I’ve tried different seeds from different vendors. I’ve attached a picture of a plant 4 weeks in veg , nice roots, no growth. I’m not over watering, my ph is 5.8, I’m using gh nutrients as always and I haven’t changed anything since I started. I’m thinking I have pests or a virus. Help Please !

    She looks healthy, the roots are nowhere near what they should be after 4 weeks though.
    Are your nutrients old, maybe lost some strength?
    What are you using for water? Reverse osmosis, Spring water, distilled, tap or rain water?
    What about your lights? Are the bulbs still in spectrum or have they lost their effectiveness?
    It's strange she would just stop growing, especially with a nice healthy top and beautiful fresh white roots, even if there's not a lot of them yet.
    Good luck!

    I took a closer look at your roots, they're yellowing at the tips, have you cleaned everything really well with bleach after each grow? You may have something going on inside whatever you're using for rooting.
    Your roots are where you need to start in my opinion.
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      Thank you for your reply!
      Nutrients are recently purchased. And I’ve had a successful harvest a couple months ago utilizing a perpetual grow. I don’t believe it to be the nutes, but will buy a small fresh set.

      i’m using tap water. I’ve always used tap water with great success in the past. However, maybe there was a change in my tap water.

      I have a 4 bulb 2ft t5 with fresh bulbs.

      I scrapped this set and I am starting over with distilled water and I’m going to add azawhateverits called for pest control and I’m going to foliar spray neem oil.

      i really think it’s either the water, pest or pathogen, something i can’t see. If searched everywhere online with no answers just the same copy and pasted sites with the same info.

      I found online Lazerus00 on thcfarmer had the same issue
      With no solution.

      Thank you all for your time !


        Canuck you assume it’s dwc???🤦‍♂️You for real?🤔🤷‍♂️Thank you for your input I really appreciate.
        It’s a half gallon unit that holds four 3.75 inch net pots. Takes 5 min to clean with bleach. Come on bro give me something good to work with.

        I start off in this small unit then transfer to larger set up once established and robust. I’ve added photos of what I usually end up with .
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          You’re right even, but if you looked at the pictures you’d know instantly. I was hoping to find answers not get trolled. I’ve got a plan I was looking for experts but clearly not gonna find one on my post. Thanks anyway


            Vtgreenthumb thank you for your help. I think you are on the right track. I appreciate the time you took to provide real feedback with a true thought process behind it. Cheers


              I noticed that you cover the tops of your net pots with foil and I'm wondering what the stem looks like where it goes into your starter cube. I've had some nasty shite grow on my RW and damp off the plants and that situation is made worse by not having air movement across the bottom of the stem / top of the grow media.

              Anytime I have a stunted plant that's looking healthy's stem rot. YMMV
              Space 1: 3ft x 3ft T-Tek tent
              400W HPS Mag Ballast
              GH Floro - DWC
              Current grow - Humboldt Fem Green Crck from seed
              - TGA GSC x Space Dude clones

              Space 2: 6ft x 6ft x 8ft room
              IponicZone 400/600/1000W dimmable HPS E-Ballast
              Supplemented with California Lightworks Solar System 275 with spectrum control
              GH Maxi Series-DWC
              Current grow - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream from seed
              - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream Clones
              - TGA GSC x Space Dude from reg seed in dirt, G.O. Box nutes


                Happy daze thank you for your response!Stems looked okay, they had like a shedding look. You could be in to something as I’ve experienced pythium before where the base of the stem is thin and soft and the upper stalk is fat. I scrapped this batch alreadyso I can’t take pictures. I usually don’t use the foil but I thought maybe my hydroton was contaminated even thought I bleached them.
                i have another set of seeds in a cup of distilled water , waiting for them to crack. I will be using only distilled water this time.

                Thanks again ! If you think of anything else it could be please let me know. Have a great weekend


                  I figured it out. Back to normal.


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