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Topping to the third...??

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    Topping to the third...??

    My upcoming grow will have two manifold plants in it. Maybe a third I don't know yet. Anyway...My question is ...when topping to the third node is the reason behind this is because it keeps the plant shorter (referring to flower stretch). I believe I read two foot plants in the mainlining article.

    My current garden almost outgrew my tent so wanting to insure a shorter plant. I am aware some LST will be involved as well, just don't want more tall plants.
    ​​​​​​ thanks.....

    There's nothing special about the third node, it just kind of gives you a mix of being high enough off the soil so you can get underneath, but low enough so you can spread the manifold out near the bottom. You don't want to do it under the 3rd node because it can stunt the plant, but other than that it's a matter of preference You could do it a little higher if you wanted and still manifold, or you could even leave some of the lower ones to get more colas at once (while sacrificing symmetry) like with regular topping. When it comes to preventing tall plants, the best thing you can do besides matching strains is gently bend the tallest stems down and away throughout the plant's life, and secure them in place. If you're always bending down the tallest stems down into "empty spots" under the light you eventually create a completely filled and flat canopy at exactly the height you want, no matter how each individual plant grows!


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      thank you for all your responses on all my set the par!!!!

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      old post but in re-reading this AFTER I decided to top to the 2nd node I am fearful. Here is what I posted over at my journal....

      ---------ok, I came in this morning and decided to top again to the 2nd nodes. I know it's not recommended to do it that way but those growth tips were way further along and much healthier than the 3rd. 4th was too tall for my liking, almost 2 inched above the 3rd, I was worried about main stem strength later on.

      Not sure if my logic is sound, especially after reading the tutorials many times but I did read a post where Nebula states that there is no significance to the 3rd. In my case the 2nd was so much stronger and more developed, didn't want to waste it. ( I misread Nebula's point about not going below the 3rd for risk of stunting the growth. I really hope this doesn't happen)

      Having never done this before I am apprehensive about my decision but I've never been one to follow the rules. All plants seem strong at this point and ready to go. Let hope I haven't made a huge mistake

      I'll feed tonight or tomorrow and apply axiom as a mist and to the roots with food.---------

      Sorry for hijacking this old thread. I hope it works out for me.

      Thanks for all the great info

    Could also be the most technically safest time to do a cut or some work on the material. Plus speed wise, you want to get in soon and start vegging that baby out right?


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