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    SOIL First time grower

    So this is my first time growing and I’ve done a lot of research before hand, im pretty sure she’s a female, ive cropped her when she was younger. Shes planted outside in fairly healthy soil under full and direct sunlight, ive also planted her over into a bigger container a couple of weeks ago. Basically i was just wondering how im doing? At about where in her life cycle she is at the moment? (Guessing early flowering) and any tips or helpful hints?

    By looking at the pictures i'm guessing you are about 3-4 weeks into flowering based on all of the photos I've seen. Maybe a little neut burn. I'm fairly new myself. Yesterday was my first full week of flowering myself. They look good to me but there is something going on with that bottom leaf.


      Looking good but Im also new at this so trying to learn and interact with as many peeps as possible. The leaves to me look healthy and if that one leaf (maybe touching the soil early in the grow?) is your only issue I would say you're doing a great job so far.


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