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    thanks for having me. I have 315LEC/LED lighting on super soil in 3 gal pots using GHfloragrow nutes added us candy and alskanfish fertilizer. Using NiteNurse, have manifolded and LST. Been great experience and went perfectly fine so far.
    just seeing preflowers and the white flags sticking out everywhere. See pics. Have 6 lovely girls and hopefully the stretch really has ended at last. They are bigger than me if I don’t keep them trimmed.
    My q is about defoliation. I started just before the change and again today. I do a plant each morning until all are done, but there are perhaps too many potential colas. I want good buddage, and am taking off unneeded leaves to open them up. I rotate the girls to get good light and even have focused lights shine into them.
    Do I need to thin out more than this at this time?
    it is a process keeping them tamed down. They smell marvelous and since I am a hermit I get to take them
    how many is too many colas?

    your plants look great, go easy on the defol you dont want to stress them out of take too many leaves and reduce the ability of the plant to process light. my advice is patience... they look just wonderful and the smartest thing you can do right now is to watch and learn, in flowering the plant changes fast along with the amount of water and nutrients it needs so just pay close attention to what the plant does because what you have to do you already did. you set into flowering a healthy fast growing plant so you just want to keep providing and stay out of her way. congratulations and bewhare, dont know how long its been flowering but it looks like the stretch isnt finished yet. happy growing


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      dumb me, i just realized the title, no more than a week of getting taller for your girls unless theyre untamable sativas which are rare

    Thanks for the advice. I will try to do that. I’ve grown outside, but this is not the same! I’ve learned so much and things really went well so far. I put my timer on 11/13 and the challenge for me is the no light during dark time. I made my growtent using panda paper and an old gazebo I had. Have had to make it bigger to hold the girls and them be able to sprawl comfortably. I am hoping for good buds (fingers crossed) The girls seem to be starting quite a few and I’m going to try only rotating the pots now. Been taking them all out to clean etc but I am thinking the less I move them they happier they’ll be now.
    btw- I just saw your coco q
    I have a friend who uses coco and adds perlite in equal amounts. He is into colored flowers and buds. Works great and I hope to use it moving forward.


      Morning BudBabe great looking grow. Yep indoor way different i'm still learning and it is never ending. Love that strain and you got this grow going real healthy it appears. Best of luck
      Smoke Ganja create Peace Respect Nature don't trash the Planet

      Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
      indoor/outdoor grower
      1 36"x36"x66" tent- Viparspectra P2500
      1 3x3x6 tent- used in late spring for seedlings both veggies & weed. I have 2 viparspectar 450r for that tent.
      I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
      Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
      Currently using fish/guano during veg growth & FF Grow Big 6-4-4 teens to bloom. Once i see pre-flower i switch to
      Age Old Organics Bloom 5-10-5


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