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    LST gone wrong

    Hey fellow growers need a little help. I was trying to just tie back but ended up snapping one. It’s not bad I don’t think. I know super cropping is similar but have never done it. Will she be okay?

    If it broken you can wrap it. I use painters blue tape but use what you have, if it;s not broken, Great
    job Super Cropping.
    Born August 1956.

    Coco-Coir/Perlite Mix
    Mega Crop Nutrients, Bud Explosion.
    36"x36"x73" Grow Tent
    4 bulb T5's for Veg.
    2 VipraSpectra 450 LED for flowering
    IPower 4" Exhaust and Scrubber
    3 Gallon fabric pots.


    • CC420710
      CC420710 commented
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      She seems to be doing good. I left her be and see no signs of weakness or death. All leaves are doing good so hopefully, it's my first supercrop. I will update my post for and let everyone know how it turned out

    • uncledoug
      uncledoug commented
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      Hey great news, looking forward to your next post.

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