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    When you have a plant that puts out a lot of side branches where do you trim them and when in the growth timeline? I would imagine too early would be even more of a disaster

    Why trim them at all? Prop them up and turn them into colas.
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      I take off every second node on the main... leave the first node, it's got the biggest legs, lop off the second, leave the third node, lop off the fourth and top at the fifth. Whether you do any training beyond this, you'll have a frame that's pretty well balanced, with a branch structure that's easy to maintain going forward. If you intend to flower early and raise small plants, a lot of branches to start might be beneficial. If you're growing a larger plant in a bigger space, you need to manage how many colas you have and figure out a support method early. For me, that means advanced pruning and defoliation to build some legs under the plant. Followed by some net support when the colas get heavy.
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        I am fairly new, but I have found it easy to take a few fan leaves that may be blocking light or move the branch in a position to where the bud sites get direct light. Only take leaves in very small increments maybe one or two leaves per branch. Other than that I don't have much more info for you. Here is a picture of my current and first grow. All information I got has been from this website!


          I Do a little bit of plant training on Photoperiod plants.


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