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Yellow following veins mid leaves & some top.

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    HELP! Yellow following veins mid leaves & some top.

    I'm in week 3 of mid bloom using GH Flora nutes, floralicious + and Hydroguard. Using DWC hydro. Ph had been dropping but is 6 now. Never got below 5+. I started seeing this a few days ago. Looked like the veins were turning gold. 1st pic shows location. It has now spread to secound plant. Thought it might be wind burn. Now looks like cal defeciency? I had bought a crap TDS meter so I have to order a good one. No idea of ppm values. Only have about 4 weeks left on this Waikiki Queen, gotta get it right. Nutes have been great till this. Using GH generated feeding chart. Will add more pics from another computer.

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      PS- The leaf is the bif one in the center of 1st pic. Blocking a nice bud too.


        Tried bumping Ph yesterday. Back to 5.5 this AM. Flushed with 1/2 strength nutes as I see some curling and very light yellow tipping. Set Ph to 6.25 to help calcium uptake. Please note everyone: Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is supporting me through the grow and doing so quickly and personally. Good folks. Cal-Mag coming tomorrow. This is week 8 of flowering and I see some aging signs in a few pistils. Are there things I should be doing in late flowering stage that I'm not? Help me folks, this should be a monster 1st hydro grow and I owe it all to you guys. Thanks!


          Update, I don't know why I'm updating this with 0 responses, but here goes.

          I ran the tub for 3 days at 1/2 strength plus 3 ml/gal Cal-Mag. Leavess seemed to respond by turning to the light. Today at weekly change Iwent back to full strength mid bloom mix with flora series along with 5 ml/gal Cal-Mag and 1 ml/gal of floralicious+. This start of week 14 of total grow. I think part of this may be natural die-off with maturation?


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