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    Growing Oddly

    Hey there everyone newbie here and have a question about one of my girls. I have 5 plants all the same strain and same order, growing under Led in 6x6 tent in happy frog soil mixed with peat moss. One of them is growing strangely. It’s like all branches start at same spot on stem, the leaves growing in weird directions and not getting taller really. Bushier for sure and healthy idk so any thoughts are appreciated

    Hello CC420710

    Here is a helpful link for you

    What strain are you growing and who is the breeder/seed bank?

    Just about Every "Strain" is a cross between multiple cannabis plant that make up what is know as a "genotype". It is the genetic makeup of the plant that has no visual characteristics differences and can only be seen and confirmed by genetic testing.

    What you are seeing is know as a phenotype expression, which is a visual difference handed-down the genetic line of that genotype.

    One example is All of "Lisa's" 4 siblings are tall like there mother side of the family, except for "Lisa" she is short like her Dad's Grandpa.
    It's in the family DNA(genotype), but only shows up here and there(phenotype).

    Even if your seeds come in the same order, from the same plant that has been "stabilized". Your are bound to get a plant that grows a little different, in you case 4 tall and lanky, 1 short and bushy.

    Hope this helps.


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      Yes it does thankyou I never really thought about that way. It's Sour Cheese supposed be a mix between sour diesal and blue cheese I belive. I purchased in Colorado from Ballpark Dispensary $20 a piece. I have learned to order onling now much cheaper. I actualluy had 6 but broke one really early and didn't recover. We live we learn this my first round at growing so everything is a question right now. I am going to check links now thankyou for your help

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