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1st Grow Journal! 1st Indoor Grow! Rasp Cough/Blue Mystic/White Widow auto

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    COCO COIR 1st Grow Journal! 1st Indoor Grow! Rasp Cough/Blue Mystic/White Widow auto

    Just got my seedlings up and running and we will likely be moving from solo cups to fabric pots in the next 10ish days I figure. Here's the setup:

    5'x5'x80" tent

    2 x 315 LEC

    2 photoperiod plants (Nirvana Rasp Cough and Blue Mystic)
    3 autofem (Nirvana White Widow)

    Homemade Coco/perlite medium

    GH suite (w/ CaliMag)

    I have set up 80% full 10 gal fabric pots for the photoperiod plants, and 80% full 5 gal pots for the autos. I feel like I erred on the large size when selecting sizes, and it took a lot of coco bricks and perlite to fill these 5 containers (9 bricks, 35 quarts), more than any tutorial or other grow journal I have read. Is this crazy overkill? Should I downsize now before it's too late? Pros/Cons of being in a small container vs. larger?

    Looking forward to adding to the forum with my first journal. The site/forum have been majorly helpful last summer (outdoors) and setting up for the indoor grow.

    Good luck with your grow. 5 plants in a 5x5 - should be fine. Have lots of room to try some kinda training.
    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes - Foliar Essence
    Optic 4 - 415w COB 18/6
    Vortex in-line 6" fan
    White Widow - Early Miss
    2 gallon geopots


    • rangerjake
      rangerjake commented
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      Thanks! Will def be doing LST on the autos and much more training on the photos.

    10 gallon pots are a bit large , 5 or 7 g works fine for photos. If you sprouted all at same time, your autos should be done when your photos are ready for 12/12 light schedule. Long time to veg photos but your yield will be better. Good luck


    • rangerjake
      rangerjake commented
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      Thanks for the input Moto. The finishing time for the autos coinciding with the switch to 12/12 was the design in how the tent is set up: vegging photos under 1 315, the 3 autos under the other 315, and then at the switch each photo gets its own 315.

      Also agreed about the long veg time. I intend to manifold the Raspberry Cough as it is a taller growing strain, may manifold the Blue Mystic too or just top a few times and LST. Hoping to use the long grow, abundant coco, and abundant light (esp during flowering) to really push yields up even if it drags the grow out for a while.

      Noting the above, do you still think downsizing to 7 gal fabric pots is worthwhile? Noting that my 10 gals aren't brimming but between 80-90% full.

    Ive got mine in 3gallon pots, fertigating 2x a day with 1.5 -2 liters per fertigation event now (d44). I assume the larger pot may allow larger intervals, depending on what you're doing. I bought a bag of ready to use coco to save the hassle of making my own. I didnt use perlite either.
    First grow started on April 17th, 2019.
    4x4 Grow Tent
    2 X 240W 3000k QB (lm301b). 24/0 light cycle.
    Canna Coco medium, 3 gallon fabric pots
    AN SensiCoco Grow + Bloom w/ tap water

    2 x Mephisto - Chemdogging
    1 x Mephisto - Northern Cheese Haze
    1 x Dinafem - Dinamex

    Chopped June 30th, 2019. Final yield: 716g plus 329g of larfy buds.


      Here we are at 8 days since seeing the light. Rasp Cough, Blue Mystic, and one of the WW are off to the races. The other two WW are slower to start, with the one on left in the photo experiencing a little nute burn from an early nutrient feeding- prob coulda waited another day or two. But seems no worse for wear and still trucking along. On a 20/4 light schedule rn. Expecting another 7-10 days in Solo cups before transplanting into their final homes.

      Couple questions:
      -I am using the Coco/GH nutrient schedule from Nebula on the site. Do people recommend the same quantities/frequencies be given to both autoflowers and photos? Obviously the plants will say what they want and don't want, but I have read accounts of autos preferring fewer nutes.

      -If you look at the perlite in the cups the surface pieces turn a rust brown between waterings. I don't know if this is related to the coco leaching color, or (what I think is more likely) a higher iron content in the water. My TDS pen shows up in a day or two so I'll be able to get a better sense of how hard the water is (here in VT the well water tends to run hard). There is also some tiny green algae growth on the perlite too- really a minuscule amount. I have read accounts of both the perlite browning and algae in coco grows and that it is not a huge concern/showed no ill effects on plants. Is this experience shared by others here?


        i have had my canna coco turn perlite dark, also you said you were using GH, the Micro in GH will stain anything thats white, including roots and give it a brown tint. coco is tricky for new growers and even some vet growers, last night i spent almost 2 hours flushing 3 plants that are week 4 of flower, i have been using advanced and doing light feedings, then straight water, i was not checking my PPM run off, and plants got sick. the coco got salt build up and the run off on the PPM was 3200, and i have been growing in coco for 2 years off and on. i was using larger fabric pots, 7 gallons, so what prob happened was the roots had not used all the nutes in the surrounding coco and it built up, when using coco, 5 gallons are good enough, unless your an expert at watering and PPM monitoring.


        • rangerjake
          rangerjake commented
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          Thanks for the input. This is really interesting to hear, not something I have come across in the reports of others. Also relevant to my situation since my photos are in 85% full 10 gallon fabric pots and I was concerned about overdoing it on the pot size. In your situation are you doing autos in 5 gal or photos? And if photos what is your veg time? I def erred on the side of more perlite so the mix is very airy and hopefully this can help limit the holding of excess nutes, but maybe I am incorrect in that being a factor.

          I am gonna be running about 11 weeks of veg on the photos in order to coincide their switch to 12/12 with the harvest of some autos in the tent with them. I have a touch of concern with plant height- in order to keep my lights 20" off the tops I'll need to keep the plants tight to a max of 36-40", and that veg period with the 10-11 week flower will push that height.

        • growingforanxiety
          growingforanxiety commented
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          i dont really run autos that much, these were veg time is always 6 to 8 weeks.

        Day 13. Transplant tomorrow. Photo taken with lights off.


          Morning rangerjake very nice clean grow area. FYI I use 3-5gal for autos 5-10gal for photos. Sounds like you got the space....and a nice light set up. Good luck happy growing.


            Day 14. Transplanted. 2nd 315 turned on.

            Hot in the garage (86f) during mid afternoon. Initially very hot in the tent (91f) after 2 lights turned on. Hopefully these girls can enjoy a cooler evening and we can devise a more pleasant and temperate residence in the coming weeks.


              Long overdue update:

              Day 24:

              One week into a new tent environment that resolved the high heat/low humidity problem of the garage. The new digs are close to ideal. Hi temps around 80f, lows around 65f. Humidity 45-55% with lights on, 60-65% with lights off, though on really wet humid days here that humidity has spiked very high with lights off.

              I decided to quadline my Raspberry Cough and Blue Mystic. Feeling really positive about the Rasp Cough at this moment. The strain seems to be one that should take really well to a manifold and the health (now that heat stress is resolved) seems top notch. Doing my runoff assessment yesterday this is what I got:

              Going In:
              790ppm (H2O was 90ppm)

              Coming out:

              The Blue Mystic is a bit more of a risk quadlining. I was hesitant to do so, considering just some basic topping/LST as I have heard conflicting reports about it liking to grow tall vs. staying more squat. But it's overall health has looked a lot better since being removed from the hot environment. Most concerning at the moment are less-than-ideal runoff numbers which will need to get rectified via a very low pH/ppm feeding or a flush. Here's what we had at the feeding yesterday:

              Going In:
              same as above

              Coming out:

              As can be seen on the Blue Mystic there is also some white staining on the fabric pot at the bottom leading me to believe that is indicative of salt buildup. Happy to hear other's opinions about whether to go full flush at this point or try to do a 5.5pH feeding with minimal nutrients (though keeping the ratios the same as current for veg).

              The Autos are doing fine. The one that has been a runt all along seems very stunted and I am considering removing it from the tent to not put time and energy into a plant that looks particularly unhealthy. The other two are looking good and are overcoming their LST daily. Pistils have formed and they look to be about 5-6 days into their flowering period.


              • HappyDaze
                HappyDaze commented
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                Has the runt been in the center the whole time? Looks like it might be getting a little "sun burnt", may do better off in the corner.

                I'm following everyone's early adventures with coco and considering it as an option to semi-organic soil or DWC which are my current methods. Keep posting please.

              • rangerjake
                rangerjake commented
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                Runt has been all over the place, in the center for a week in this configuration. But the lights (2x 315 LEC) are kinda on either side of it. It was the slowest and weakest out of germination and has lagged the whole time. With only so much time to expend on these plants I am figuring that careful nurturing of the healthiest ones to get their maximum potential is more worthwhile than working so hard to get a modest yield out of the runt. Haven't decided to bail on her yet, but not sure I am committed to giving her some exclusive treatment and attention.

              Sometimes the little ones surprize you...if I planted it and it's got some green parts, I'm gonna try and grow the little phuker and hopefully learn from the effort. I don't donate my life to them, but I only throw them out if they turn brown.
              Space 1: 3ft x 3ft T-Tek tent
              400W HPS Mag Ballast
              GH Floro - DWC
              Current grow - Humboldt Fem Green Crck from seed
              - TGA GSC x Space Dude clones

              Space 2: 6ft x 6ft x 8ft room
              IponicZone 400/600/1000W dimmable HPS E-Ballast
              Supplemented with California Lightworks Solar System 275 with spectrum control
              GH Maxi Series-DWC
              Current grow - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream from seed
              - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream Clones
              - TGA GSC x Space Dude from reg seed in dirt, G.O. Box nutes


                Day 25:

                Took runoff pH/ppm on Autos today and another reading on Blue Mystic after doing a diluted 1/2 strength feeding at low pH. Here are the results:

                Going In: 5.9 535ppm
                Coming Out: 7.0 1430ppm

                Not great. Not horrible. Will be working on low pH feedings and micro flushes to try and take down that root buildup. Would like to be down to 6.5/1100ppm coming out in the next week or so to keep things on a good track for the last 7 weeks of flowering.

                Blue Mystic:
                1/2 strength feeding.
                Going In: 5.6 480ppm
                Coming Out: 7.0 1700ppm

                Better than yesterday. Dropped the pH by .2 and the PPM by 75. Still work to do. May do another half feed tomorrow, or possibly a straight calmag only flush. Would feel great if I can knock 500ppm off the outflow in the next week. Plenty of veg time left (probably about 8 weeks) so this can be done.


                • HappyDaze
                  HappyDaze commented
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                  I think you're going to be surprised at how fast they start to grow after the training and topping you've done...I'm guessing you're not going to need eight weeks of veg, not even half that. They look great and being proactive about managing that nute buildup, seems perfect. Most people would let it go and wonder why their plants were looking fried three weeks from now.

                • rangerjake
                  rangerjake commented
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                  Going long veg. They share a tent with Autos so they won't get flipped until the Autos are done. I have a lot of space to work with (5x5 tent) and plenty of light (2x 315) and am in no rush really. So I am hoping to do one more round of topping/manifolding at least. Thanks for the positive feedback!

                Here are some shots from today, Day 28.

                Leaf w/ spots is on the Blue Mystic. Ordered some FloraKleen and gonna flush her and the Autos.

                Numbers are on the board for in/out. Still v high for BM. Autos are doing ok- I think the ppm out is a little misleadingly high. Raspberry still $.


                • HappyDaze
                  HappyDaze commented
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                  I put up pics of a poorly finished Blue Dream in soil I mainlined last year here I'm interested to compare your Raspberry quadline to it, they seem to have a similar branch structure. That Raspberry is looking great.

                Day 39 from seed.

                Big defoliation today to cut back on the jungles forming on the Blue/Rasp quadlines. Structure getting dialed but I fucked up and bent too hard on a Blue Mystic branch snapping it irreparably past the first node. Hopefully I can turn what I snapped off into a good clone. Thankful to keep those growth tip/fan leave of the first node to give decent productivity off that side. Symmetry be damned!

                Raspberry is looking swell and taking to the quadline like a champ. Great structure and symmetry, very consistent in the coco ph and ppms. The star pupil so far.

                The Autos are all in different spots, and I am not disappointed. #1 is pretty developed for the end of week 2 of flowering. The branching and efforts I have taken to expose promising bud sites to light make it look like a really promising setup for yield. #2 is looking good, but looks about a week or more behind in flowering compared to #1. #3, the runt, is looking good enough for something I contemplated throwing out 3 weeks ago. Be thrilled to pull 1/2oz from it.

                All in all happy with where things are at. I will air my biggest concerns below. Maybe someone see's it and chimes in.

                1) Humidity. Tent is in a basement and temp stable every day between 68f and 82f. But, the big basement at this time of year has an ambient RH of about 65-70%. This means that when lights are on the RH in the tent ranges from lows of 48ish to highs of 56ish- these numbers are fine by me. But when lights are out (6 hrs midday) RH sits in the mid 70s consistently. I have a lot of air circulation going on to at least ward off what I consider the biggest contributor to mold/rot. Hoping to see the autos through since they are (so Nirvana says) more resistant to rot/mold with this plan. And that the change of seasons will lower the basement RH for the crucial time in early-mid flower for the photos- especially since they'll be in the dark for 12 hrs at that point.

                2) Runoff and root pH. Raspberry is fine. Consistently 6.4, nute runoff tends to be only slightly higher than feed. Autos are ok. Consistent 6.8, a bit of a greater disparity between feed and runoff ppms, but nothing scary. Blue Mystic still the most fickle. Runoff pH still at 7. Drainage has improved after cutting some holes in the fabric pot bottom and relocating with more breeze on it. PPMs have gotten a touch better after flushing with FloraKleen, but still climbs back up very fast after feedings. Hard to hold it low even when alternating nutes with plain ph'd water.


                  I don't think 70% is to high until you have buds stacking up on colas.


                  • rangerjake
                    rangerjake commented
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                    Well, that's good to hear. That time is coming on the next month or so for the 3 autos. Won't have that on the 2 photos for another 8 weeks at least, and hopefully by then the ambient environment has dried out a bit.

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