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    Help with harvest time

    First grow and I need some help with harvest time.

    Northern Lights 9 weeks after switching to 12/12

    I want 20 to 30 % Amber trichomes, I have heard that they can change quickly.

    I am thinking maybe another week?

    Cannabis capsules 4 all 💊

    First Grow Northern Lights

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    Two more weeks. At least. But you should get a Jewelers Loop to get it right.
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      Agree I just finished a northern light from Nirvana. I chopped it at the end of week 9 but the hairs on mine were all curled in and all orange no white hairs. I could have waited another week but crystals were cloudy and some half cloudy half clear but was fine with me I have waited longer and it’s good to sleep but I wanted it more of a upper effect this time. Just by looking at your plants pistols or white hairs another 2 weeks atleast.


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