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    Thanks bro


      The time has come for a update on the flowering plant.
      she has had a delay and it is at present sitting at week 5 of flower. I have been removing around a dozen leafs from this plant over the last week's and tonight she has gotten the defoliating need to open the plant up for the rest of flowering.

      Before I touched the plant I actually snap a pic.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	20191213_195932.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.45 MB ID:	357256
      Working from the top I open up the canopy till I could see the medium, look at all the bud sites I found!
      Click image for larger version  Name:	20191213_213027.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.63 MB ID:	357257 Next is to remove lower growth, I lollipop them mainly to remove leaf and crowded duff.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	20191213_201336.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.76 MB ID:	357258
      It can get thick and not all the little branches are need, a couple have to go, this also give access to water better. Same spot moments after the clippers
      Click image for larger version  Name:	20191213_201420.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.78 MB ID:	357259
      I take mostly leaf and as you can see its not a lot but enough to see through the canopy.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	20191213_204945.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.33 MB ID:	357260
      Tahoe OG in the back has had no defoil to date, same two plant from the last post
      Click image for larger version  Name:	20191213_204956.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.99 MB ID:	357261

      So many factors very from plant to plant, grow to grow, and environment to environment that not one thing can cover all of it, there is alot of variables of the right way to do it you must take the pieces that work for your plants.

      See you in 4 weeks, Growers love.

      Space for Rent.


      Bonus picture
      Click image for larger version

Name:	20191101_132857.jpg
Views:	493
Size:	1.95 MB
ID:	357264

      Space for Rent.


      • SmashGuitar
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        Look at the curves! Haha

      Awesome mr furley i am just wondering i grow outdoors but i have one girl whos getting big ive only ever cut 1st set of laterails and cut inner growth of 2nd and 3rd sets of laterails when should i defoiliate to really open up or do i not defoiliate outdoors and what would be best for me to do i planted in spring weve just hit summer there 3mths old and have sexed fem what would be youre advice thanks mr furley


      • Mr.furley
        Mr.furley commented
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        I don't find a big need to Defoil a outdoor grow, the sun is the best light to grow with and plants don't need much removed for light penetration outside like they do indoors. If you are growing autos outside I would just let them be.

      And thanks for pics helpful to get my head around


        Awesome thanks mr furley i got outdoors autos and bagseed phenos check my post my first grow updates to check them out when youre not busy please mr furley thankyou


          Mr. Furley - I am totally blown away by your Knowledge and Dedication and Expertise. But even More importantly, your wiliness to share your knowledge with nimrods, such as myself! I read (and enjoy ALL your posts) And I constantly learn something new all the time.

          I'd be remiss if I didn't take this chance to Thank Nebula (an Sirius) for putting this site together, and for All the Great Articles on growing this Marvelous plant that God has blessed us with!
          I learned everything I know about growing from this website. I know I have a Long Way to go and much more to learn. But I've come a long way from my first CFL grow of Bubblicious.

          Thanks Everyone one else on this forum for your contributions, too!

          Have a Safe and Happy New Year Everyone!
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          • Farmall
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            When Mr.furley told me how good my trichome picture was, I felt like I walked around all day as a lottery winner.... ‘Furley Approved’.

            Couldn’t agree more

          • DingusKhan
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            Hear, here.

          • ocgreen
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            Totally agree! Mr.furley is so patient and helpful; he didnt even make me feel stupid when I had to ask where the buds grow 😅

          He’s so kind and knowledgeable!!


            Mr.furley thank you for providing this terrific public service. So cool that you did this. Must have taken a little time to put together.


              A lot of questions on training and supercropping so here is a "bump"

              Sometime supercropping done without crushing the inter stem matter fully can break the outer skin of the plant if forced to bend over, this is common on older plant stems that have become woody. The resiliency of the cannabis plant is amazing to say the least, look how this one survived 6 more weeks after breaking in flower. No rooting hormone, cloning gel, honey, aloe vera, tape, nothing but survival.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	20200716_091934.jpg Views:	29 Size:	1.28 MB ID:	428820

              Click image for larger version  Name:	20200716_091916.jpg Views:	33 Size:	1.47 MB ID:	428819
              Last edited by Mr.furley; 07-22-2020, 02:08 PM.
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                Hello Mr.furley. From what I've seen you are the top doggie at this process. I love it. I'm new to the term supercropping, but have been bending, training and even trellising since the early 80's. It was considered sacrilege to top a plant in my crowd. My first attempt at bending a top resulted in it snapping almost off! So off it came. It was a very short Hindu Kush gal that had the same size stem at the very top as below. Crazy thick. Broke my heart, but from that mistake I learned to bend the stem gradually until the tip was able to be tied down. I've even tied rocks to fishing line to hold tips down! I never really worked at crushing and crimping like you do. Awesome work! By starting this process early I can see how it creates many new top/main colas at harvest. I've always waited until the plant was well established which always resulted in only one main cola and many smaller "top" buds. I like that this site helps old dogs like me to learn new tricks and terminology! Love your tutorials with step by step pics. I'm guessing you have an old copy of Marijuana Botany, or maybe helped write it!. Thanks!
                Tie Your Mother Down! (Queen)


                  I'v never had the nerve to top or fim my plants... Started with Lst and defol and stuck with it. Had to supercrop a couple of times because of limited height in i started bending the growing stems during veg and 12/12 stretch. I can keep my canopy fairly flat and can bend the stems in the direction i want them to grow.
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                  • JohnEmad
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                    Unlike me Homegrown. I tried topping, LST, Fimming, and supercropping my 1st grow. Poor plants. 2 of 3 hermied yet I still received some quality smoke. just not much.. lol.

                  Hello Mr.furley. Question for you. These plants are well branched and I have tied the tops down to see if the bud sites below will better develop. Would tying down each subsequent branch, which should promote each site on that branch to better develop larger buds, be supercropping? (I believe so?) Or is it too late for these. Usually I just let them go on their own and only tie down the main top once they're well developed. Thanks!

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Training 3.png
Views:	290
Size:	2.16 MB
ID:	430450Click image for larger version

Name:	Training 1.png
Views:	276
Size:	2.67 MB
ID:	430451Click image for larger version

Name:	Training 4.png
Views:	292
Size:	2.17 MB
ID:	430452
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Training 2.png
Views:	294
Size:	1.95 MB
ID:	430449

                  Tie Your Mother Down! (Queen)


                    Supercropping is the art of crushing the plant matter in the stem till it can fold over horizontally, typically you don't have to tie them down. Opening up the canopy to allow side branches is always a great idea whether you tie them down with LST or supercropping them is up to you and each has its place depending on how my plants start to shape up through the grow.

                    it should be noted that indoor growers can maximize there canopy by keeping it flat under lights while outdoor Growers don't typically experience a lack of penetrating light from the sun and grow their plants more like around bush, there is training involved but it does very from indoor.

                    nice looking plants.
                    Space for Rent.


                    • Mazzariman
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                      Thanks for clarifying! I've started tying most all of my side branch tips down just to see if the yield increases over the ones left alone.

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