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    Yodas green room

    Hello GWE community. So I'm a new member here and thought I'd share yodas garden. Its actually been on the go for some time now but I'll give you quick run down.

    Veg tent is 2x2x5
    light is a first gen mars hydro 600w ( I believe 3w bulbs full spec)
    medium is a living soil

    flower tent is 2x4x5
    lights are 2x600w leds. These are double chip 10w full spec ( double chip 10w are actually 2x5w? I well check.)
    Medium is living soil

    the strains in veg tent are a Phantom OG that is 2 and a half months old and a Mazar X GWS and is 3 months old. Both are from seed.
    As of yesterday I decided too trim these girls up and tie them down. I gave the phantom OG a hard bend as she was soild. I understand I'm giving them some late LST but I'm trying a new technique lol. As of right now they look hurting. I'll give them a week or two before I tie down again and level off my canopies .

    in the flower tent I have a blue dream and a GSC x GG4
    the blue dream is about 6 weeks in with 2 to 3 too go.
    she gave off a fruity pebbles smell throughout her grow and just now started giving off a sweet musk sent.
    the GSC x GG4 is 3 weeks into flower and smells of your typical Girl scout cookie. I'm impressed with how frosty she has gotten already though.

    pictures well follow in a bit. Thank you for looking, of you noticed something wrong or have questions or advice please share it.

    These are right at lights off after day 1 of being tied down and trimmed up


      Phantom OG
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        Hi Yoda and welcome to the forum. You seem to be getting a lot of yellow leaves. Do you know what's causing that symptom?
        Anyone can grow mid grade weed easy. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard.

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          Originally posted by alltatup View Post
          Hi Yoda and welcome to the forum. You seem to be getting a lot of yellow leaves. Do you know what's causing that symptom?
          I've narrowed it down too the soil possibly being too hot in nitrogen and just over all not a good batch of soil. It was having a hard time soaking up the water in the beginning. I've transplanted with extra perlite and that seemed too help some. Also, the plants went about 3 weeks with maybe 2 waterings. Also after the LST I gave the plants in veg I gave them some iguana juice. That also may have contributed to the yellowing . What are your thoughts? I well post more photos by the end of the work day.


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            Well, I grow in a hydro reservoir so I've never had that happen to me. The first thing I always think is, Root problems.

          Mazar x GWS




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              Your buds look fantastic, so I guess the yellowing leaves didn't hurt them!!!

            Thank you alltaup.
            I might go back dwc on the next go, not sure yet.
            I need to fix my ventilation as well. Right now I have two inadequate fans and using a passive intake/exhaust. I well redirect the fans on the leds to exhiast right out the tent and throw in these am pc fans I have for exhaust and intake. I well also get bigger fans. But I need too dig deeper into this yellowing. Here are some updated photos on the yellowing. Phantom OG and a Blue Dream on left and a GSC x GG4 on right in third pic.

            let's get some more heads chiming in on this. I can see this thing has like 80 some odd views lol.


              Sorry for my late updates. I've had some heart issues that have kept me away and busy. Good news is I figured out my problem and I cant believe it never crossed my mind. My crops were root bound. It's a bit late for my crop in flower but I transplanted my Mazar x Great white shark and Phantom OG and they are rebounding nicely. I want too thank Alltatup for his response and help. I dont find this forum very active and realized I've been AWOL myself but even while posting in the beginning this forum wasnt what I was hoping for so with that said I well post my finish product and review and probably just fade away
              Again thank you Alltatup for the love shown and help brother.

              My Mazar x GWS and Phantom OG are looking and doing so much better sense transplanting and are loving the kryptonite soil I got. They are now 3 months and 18 days in veg. I'm thinking I'll veg them for a total of 4 months then throw them into flower also this well allow more time too heal.

              My Blue Dream is ready any day now. And smells fantastic and very sticky. The GSC and GG4 has a week or 2 left and is putting off the super glue smell and very frosty.


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