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Toplanet led grow lights 75w

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    Toplanet led grow lights 75w

    Good day all. Just wondering if anyone out there has used the flat panel Toplanet 75w led grow lights, 'full spectrum'. I have looked every-where,(I think) trying to find more reviews, besides the ones they have on their site.........Anyway, I have 4; 2 are kinda blurpel, and 2 are more white with uv and ir....The power draw is about 34 watts per light, with 169 led's per light....... I have been growing three plants for about 8 weeks in a 2x2x4 tent; tallest plants are 13 inches, CB Dutch Treat: shortest is 7". The 7" is Crown Royale...... They all experienced some nute lockout/ deficiency/over-watering/root bound/kill'em with love ( aka scary times) in the first 4-6 weeks, but are coming back nicely in their cloth pots..........I started with three lights, but am using 2 now, as I don't want to give them two different light 'colours', so I am maybe saving the blurpel for flowering. The lights seem alright, but am seriously considering getting something in the 250w to 300w range, especially for flowering.......So, that is my half-assed review of Toplanet grow lights, and a little to much information, maybe.....Thanks.

    I have 2 Vipraspectra 450 - 200 wall watts, and they work very well. I paid 116.00 ea on Amazon. Great light for the money IMO.
    Born August 1956.

    Coco-Coir/Perlite Mix
    Mega Crop Nutrients, Bud Explosion.
    36"x36"x73" Grow Tent
    4 bulb T5's for Veg.
    2 VipraSpectra 450 LED for flowering
    IPower 4" Exhaust and Scrubber
    3 Gallon fabric pots.


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      I JUST switched to two Viparspectra 450 watt fixtures in my flower room (30 x 24 inches x 6 feet tall) replacing a 400 watt hid because of heat & gfi breaker issues. I am growing in ffof dirt for the last time as my clones are now in DWC with a Viparspectra 600 watt. I am in my 3rd week of flowering and my 3 girls look great but I am wondering what height you keep your lights above the canopy. I've been following the recommended distance but have also read that they should be much lower (12-14 inches) for flowering. I lowered to 17 inches this morning, what is your distance recommendation?

    Originally posted by uncledoug View Post
    I have 2 Vipraspectra 450 - 200 wall watts, and they work very well. I paid 116.00 ea on Amazon. Great light for the money IMO.
    Thanks for the advice.Those look like great lights, but I ordered a Maxisun 300w Dimmable 12 band full spectrum from amazon. Figured I could have a little more control over the grow. Only 4 feet square.


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