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Few post-clone questions

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    SOIL Few post-clone questions

    Hey guys, got a couple issues was gonna ask about. A little white stuff appearing on the stems of a couple babies. Then this brown leaf stuff occurring. Pretty sure I know what's going on but I've gotta check.

    I think the white stuff is mold.. so I need some antifungal spray, right? Any kind in particular that works good?

    And I'm thinking the browning leafs may be too much nutrient? Just flush?

    Hello Lobabe, Most of the problems are usually because of PH! Attached is a link from GWE that might help correct your problem. pH Fluctuations Do your clones already have roots started? or are you rooting in soil? If you have mold on the plant it would be from excessive moisture. If your new growth is coming in normal let them grow. Check the PH 6.5, lower the feed and give them time. Good Growing !!


      Thanks. I use a clone machine.. then I transplant to little cups with soil after about 7 to 10 days. Then transplant to 6in pots.

      So if it is moisture, what could I do? A dehumidifier?

      Here's another pic. It almost looks like mites. But it's definitely not.


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        Do the spots rub off ? Did you check under the leaves and where the leaves attach to the stalk for pests?

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