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Mammoth p and Budswel

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    Mammoth p and Budswel

    Hello all. Does anybody out there use Mammoth p and Bud swell on there plants in 1212? My understanding is that bud swell is a high phosphorus additive, and Mammoth p helps phosphorus be released to the plants. My concern is that if I use both it would be too much phosphorus for them. I am growing in a soilless promix BX, and using the Botanicare nutrient line. I could use some advice on this. My last grow didn't have very large buds and not much frost on them. I would like to find a way to increase my trichomes quantity and Bud size. Current grow in the 12 12 room is pure power plant.
    The earth does not belong to us.
    We belong to the earth.

    Auto's in pro mix bx over kind soil,
    Photos in Pro mix bx
    Botanicare nutrient line
    Nothern lights auto, AK48 auto, OG Kush auto
    PurePowerPlant photo, Wonder woman photo
    3 & 5 & 7 gal 24/7 grow bags
    Recharge, molasses, Mammoth p
    ( 2)300 watt Roldero & (8) 450 watt Viparspector LED
    (2) 6" Carbon filter and fans
    House of hydro foggers both veg and 12/12 rooms.
    8' x 10' Veg room (18/6)
    9 x 12' Flowering room (12/12 room)

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