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    HYDRO Supplements in the Flowering Stage

    Hello everyone,

    I'm working through my first grow and nearing the end of veg stage.

    My current plan is to take some clones from each plant later today and then start the flowering stage by Monday. See link for more info.

    Between now and then, I wanted to check in with the community and ask what everyone uses during flowering.

    After reading the article here:

    I'm preparing to identify and purchase:
    1. PK booster
    2. Suitable sugar/carb for DWC system
    3. A dehumidifier
    Am I missing anything? Any specific brands you prefer over others?

    Anything special i should do between now and starting flowering?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
    Hi everyone. I thought it would help keep me on track if I create a log for my first grow. I'm at a point where I have some seedlings under 24 hours of light.
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    Howdy ocgreen, I am using the GH line, MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom (both dry nutrients). I also use the supplements Liquid KoolBloom, Floralicious Plus, Armor Si, Diamond Nector, and FloraNector. I use the feeding schedule from GH for RDWC systems and have had very good results with them. The best advice I've heard (I think that it was Nebula who said it, could be wrong) was to use supplements from the same company that makes the base nutrients, because they have more likely been tested together. No sense in 'over loading' the plants with products that may supply the same minerals or additives.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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      ocgreen, The only supplement that I have not used is the CALiMAGic. The city water here is very hard, although since the city has brought a surface reservoir on line, the water is becoming less hard. Previously all of the water used was from well water. I have found that there feeding schedules (located on their web site) have given me great results with my set up.

    • ocgreen
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      DW2 glad to hear you save a bit of coin on the calimagic.

      The more I think about this the more I think I may just forego any extra boosters this time around. If it has to be GH... problem is I'll be moving away from the Flora Trio to Mega Crop next grow (most likely) so I guess I'm just too cheap to buy the GH boosters for a single cycle.

      I'm curious though... if you could only give your plants one of those "extras" you mention.... which one would it be?

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      ocgreen, If I HAD to cut back to using only one of the supplements, I would keep the FloraNector because it is relatively inexpensive and is used thru out the entire grow (in varying dosages). It would be difficult to decide though because the Floralicious Plus has given me some great results as well. My current grow is the first to use the DiamondNector and early samples taken (one must be vigilant in quality control! lol) have shown an improvement in the bud quality. The prices (especially on line) vary greatly so a little research can save You some cash, so do some checking.

    DW2 LOL thanks. I work in quality control so I got a real good laugh out of your comment. I think a good middle ground is to go with the 2 you're recommending. Thanks again
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      You are very welcome, I worked in Q.C. (for a heavy equipment manufacturer) for over 21 years, shear and break, welding, machine shop, and warehouse receiving. Tends to make a person rather picky! (LOL!!).
      Glad that I could help out.

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