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Three Autoflower strains easy growers, Big yields!

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    Three Autoflower strains easy growers, Big yields!

    Auto WhiteWidow has been one of my main strains for every grow as they’re ready for harvest in less than 80 days from seed, easy grower, disease resistant, BIG colas and plenty of buds, really firm buds, VERY sticky with trichomes. Can be colorful with blue, green and Purple if allowed cooler night temperatures during last 2 weeks of flowering. This is second growing Auto OG Kush, still getting to know her, easy grower, fast less than 80 days, Big colas buds, firm buds, very sticky, very colorful purple. Will leave you laying on the couch alllll day! Second time growing Auto Strawberry Kush, still getting to know her too, tall fast growing Sativa, a very sweet fruity fragrance very much Strawberry😊, medium size colas with plenty of side buds, VERY sticky early on during flowering (think frosty white), effects are very energetic and calming feeling(very cool). I use organic super soil in 5 gal smart Pots, H2O only for feeding for all my girls. CMH 350W lights.
    Thank you to GWE for all of your great article newsletters as I find them priceless! You were instrumental in getting me started on the right growing track 6 years ago.😊💕🙌🏻

    I am waiting for my first autoflower seeds now from Nirvana. I bought white widow & og kush and will use my diy DWC bubbleponics system for the first time with this grow! I use a 400 watt hid but it has both heat & blown gfi breaker issues so I bought a 600 watt viparspectra led fixture I am going to try out. I'm looking forward to following your grow since I have the same strains coming. Thanks!
    If weed is healthy...why am I so broken down?


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