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Success! First healthy plant throughout the full cycle.

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    Success! First healthy plant throughout the full cycle.

    Yeah I finally completed a full grow on 1 plant. I've now harvested about 12 plants and my little experiment was a success. I started her in 12/12 right after it popped out after germinating the seed. She has such a sweet aroma and tight buds. Now if I can just grow full size plants that make it through healthy I'll be all set lol. I have always known why I have problems but was lazy and just hoped for the best. After my disappointment with my white widow yield I got off my ass and got some ph strips. Now I am going to get a real meter knowing the impact on messed up ph. Both buds measure about 8 inches around. I'm happy considering she never spent a second in vegetative state.
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    I hope my plants turn out that well. Especially my crimea Blue!!


      That's a goodly amount of bud for such a runt. It should give you the incentive to veg for longer. pH pens are a crap shoot. I have 4 total of various name brands all of Chinese manufacture. The last I bought on Amazon is currently unavailable, but probably the most accurate. At $9.99 it wasn't such a bad deal so far. Many on the forum recommend Bluelab However even at the higher price one in five people give it one star. So I have bet on the low enders.


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        jtcn1965 This pH meter is identical to the accurate pen i recently purchased through Amazon. I like the calibrate button which eliminates the screw driver adjustment on previous models. Be sure and use actual and verified distilled water when mixing the calibration liquid. But as what has been said too many times, "your miles may vary". Good luck
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