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Aeroponics nutrients and feeding schedule/ reservoir turnover & lighting decisions

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    HYDRO Aeroponics nutrients and feeding schedule/ reservoir turnover & lighting decisions

    hello community,
    I am starting a grow for the first time and im diving straight into the deep end but i have a few questions.there isnt much data available when it comes to cannabis and aeroponics. Firstly, how close in proximity can the plants be? (ive read alot of mixed things, so far it appears 1 plant per sqft and sog, maybe scog)
    In the aeroponics system, what is the best nutrient mix, tips n tricks (ive read alot but anything a real grower can share is much appreciated), feeding schedule? ( ive read every 15 minutes or so), how often should i replace the reservoir nutrients?
    Now for the controversial part, if any growers have experience with these lights please share. Im stuck between California lightworks 550, Fluence SPIDR2p, and the SpectrumKing402.
    also wondering if anyone has experience with the ilumitex eclipse series and what the difference is? (they seem to do the same job as the ones above but alot cheaper) thanks everyone
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    Welcome to GWE jaymof ,you are at the right place for your new experience ! I have attached A GWE site for you that may help in your endeavors. high-yielding hydroponic grow journal This site is by GWE Sirius Fourside himself . Hope it helps! Good Growing !!


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