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    Gwe help me

    Hello gwe peeps! Hope all is well!
    The link below has two compost mixers; Super Soil & No Till soil.
    If you had to choose one, for indoor, which would you purchase & why?

    Im just a shy guy with a big dick.

    For that coots mix just go to search coots mix there it’s only 65 bucks. Free shipping. Also you will need sphagnum peat moss some form of aeration (lava rock) and earthworm castings or compost. Those 3 I would go to a local nursery as they will be cheaper than ordering online.. at BuildASoil you will find all the info you need. That being said I would go with coots mix why? Go on YouTube and look up KISS Organics they have a podcast with Clackamas Coot he explains all about his mix and why he uses it that’s the reason why I went with that mix check it out..


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