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    SOIL light strengh

    I just set my rig with a new 600 watt meizhi (led), it seems to be working fine .however I have two young plants in the start of some horizontal training they are about 10 length.
    at 30in. light to canopy of the plants they look good.but when I start to lower the light closer to manufacture recommended Hight which is 18in. I start to get light burn at 24in.
    could it be that they are to young for that just yet.they recovered real well but im afraid to start to lower the light .any help or led insight with this brand.

    yes, they are telling you they like 30".


      I use 2 300w LEDs side by side in a 2x4x60 tent. The factory recommends 30" >40" for seedlings first 2 wks, 24" for veg and 15" > 18" for flowering. (from top of canopy) Your leaves will point to the lights when at right hight and will turn down and away if to much light (too close) I follow this real close ( tape measure ) and it seems to do real nice. Hope this helps! Good Growing !


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