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250W grow: My 1st flower week is over!

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    250W grow: My 1st flower week is over!

    All thanks to this site and effort from all of you, I have managed to grow my plants into the second week of flowering. I know this is the time it will start getting interesting.

    Germinated on Dec 9th, they popped out of soil on Dec 13th. The small plant in the back is and Aurora Indica which is one week younger than other two (Northern Lights).

    No problems this far. Had some pH fluctuations and my soil was much above 7.0, had some lime green leaves, did a couple of flushes, added more nutes and now they are completely fine.

    Growing in coco with GHE's realitively new FloraCoco system that doesn't require additional CalMag. Two bottles and pH regulation is all you need. My dosages were per GHE's instructions. These nutes are obviously a little weaker, since when I boosted nutes the color of my leaves improved. No burns or anything. I even add nutes more frequently than often recommended - two waterings with nutes, one without. I am watering every other day, making sure I have runoff each time.

    I deliberately chose short plants. I think next time I can get away with medium too. I have LST'ed the heck out of them. There 10 main colas on each plant. My pots aren't filled with soil right to the top so the plants may look a little dwarfy. Drilled 12 holes (2 for holding the main stem down, 10 for organizing main tips) in the rim of my pots and I am using twisty ties.

    Forgot to add: I am growing this in a basement, unheated, as low as 58 F at night, 70 F with lights on. I think the Aurora Indica is a little slower at these temps, but the Northern Light does not seem to mind it at all. Maybe the latter one is the best choice for these winter months.

    Once I finished with this grow, the temps will go back up and I can really give next grow some summer vibes. The thing that bothered me the most are the low night temps. I even reversed the cycle, so my light are on at night and switch of at 6am to get warmest night time possible. The temps in my basement fluctuate from 55 to 65 at night.


      Looking good !! Nice set up , could not help but wonder what sort of 250 watt light you running ?
      Focus and relativity.


        It is an HPS, used both for veg and flowering. Tent is 2.5x2.5x6ft.

        Thanks for the support!


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          Congrats on your grow, they look real nice ! Keep doing what you doing!!

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