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Manifold / Main-lining / Trimming Tips / Keeping a Clean Canopy

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    Manifold / Main-lining / Trimming Tips / Keeping a Clean Canopy

    It's my Second grow and my 1st main-lining done and everything is done i got my 8 main cola's i got it growing out nice and flat the reason i made this post is i am unsure what to trim and what not to trim. I added some pictures but do i start to trim the lower colas when do i start leaving some of the cola's on the main cola.

    Main Questions

    1. Do i Lollipop the bottom of the 8 main cola's for a clean canopy
    2. Do i remove only some of the lower growth cola's
    3. How many fan leaves should i remove
    4. How Many Nodes should i Lollipop before i start leaving the cola's that grow on the main cola

    These are my main questions

    Main-lining steps 1 and 2 are already finished just unsure about the rest my plants are also growing their nodes closer and not much stretching has been done

    My Goal is to no longer have messy looking plants that have a crowded lower canopy and does not have good air flow i want my plants to start looking more Professional instead of looking not trained or trimmed.

    This plant has not been cut or trimmed for over a week so it is ready for me to do some work if need be and it is healed nicely

    I do not know if I'll help you. I also use the maifold, I'll take you back to how I do it. After having created the 8 peaks, I start blooming. On the second week of flowering I begin to prune the plant. I leave for each internal top 5 starting to count them from above. Below I clean everything. After a week I begin to eliminate the large leaves that give to the plant center. The week after I remove all the leaves always towards the center of the plant that shade the flowers. Now I wait for the sixth week of flowering from here almost every day I take away 1/2 leaves a day depending on whether they go to interfere with the flowers. I arrive at the eighth of Bloom with a large leaf x tops that I remove during this period. I apologize if I did not express myself well. 2Cents


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      This is similar to what Nebula suggests in her defoliation tutorial.

      What I understand as the basic defoliation principle during flowering: only remove a leaf if it's covering a bud site or lying on top or below another leaf.

    Wow, that is pretty adventurous for only your second grow! It is looking very nice. I've never done the main line thing because it adds time to the grow. I am not sure exactly what the benefits are and if they justify the extra time. I just grow for myself so I always have plenty of bud just with trimming , topping and or lst. Don't get me wrong. Any growing adventure is fun and your plant looks awesome. Good luck with your grow.


      I follow Nebula's guide, nonso if it happens to full. To answer your questions I remove the leaves that cover the flowers.


        I love defoliation! Let me add some nuance for you guys, if you have a light meter you can find inefficienct leaves. Depending on the penetration of your light source, a single cm^3 of light can be used by 6+ leaves on its way through them.

        If you don’t have a light meter simply look for yellowing leaves near the bottom to pluck.
        On lollipops it also depends on your penetration power and training regime. Lower power lights should be lollipoped however with higher power lights it’s a growers choice.
        ie: when you destroy the budsites that won’t get enough light to fully develop, the plant will focus energy on its remaining sites. Buds themselves don’t produce much energy from light, that a leaves job to do that, however light is informative commands as well to a plant telling it where best to operate.
        Grow and good luck
        Current grow:

        past grows:


          I lobe mainlining. I hardly do any other grows anymore. Well, the current one started out as a mainline, but early in the progress I broke off half the main hub... Leaving only one side.. So now I am in an experimental plant training grow.. Anyhow, back to topic.
          I save all side branches of the last, the main colas. All growth below gets nipped off. I do utilize quite heavy defoliation. First at the switch to 12/12, basically leaving only the growth tips. Second defoliation at first week of flowering, when you can see where all budfing sites emerge. Now I choose which bud sites to put energy into and defoliate and lollipop to my desires.
          That's how I do it, works great in my garden.
          Good luck!
          Marijuana is no drug, it's a human right!


            Thanks for the info guys i am going to give some setup info with Pictures as you can see some plants are a little bit behind compared to the plant that is going strong so i won't be putting it into flowering any time soon i did some trimming on the bottom of my main plant to avoid wasted growth.

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            None of the plants are sick just some are growing slower and some don't have the perfect mainline canopy which sucks.

            Sorry for late reply
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              The pictures looks like i removed alot but i only removed 1 node of growth and massive fan leaves on the bottom.

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