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The very last ever: INFINITE

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    COCO COIR The very last ever: INFINITE

    Infinite, 1st week in 12/12 ligt cycle.
    Hello people, and Welcome to this journal; covering my last grow of 2018 and thefirstfinish of the year.
    This is an alltime top 3 favourite strain of mine, both to grow and even more(if possible) to use! An extremely well composed strain, made by an old internet friend of mine, a cross of carefully chosen genetics and likewise carefully picked parents...
    I could spend an entire post pricing this strain... But I won't. Another thing I won't do is give away it's genetics, because I think my friend is about to put it put on the market... At least I hope he is. I lost touch with him about a year ago and since the forums we hung out in was shutted down and my old computer hard drive crashed, I haven't got any adress or e mail to find him again, and so I will never get ahold of the same genetics ever again.. Sure I could use the same parents strain, but I will never find the exact same phenotypes and the offspring will never be exactly the same...

    Since this was the last bean I had an ambition to make new (inbred) feminized seeds, so I started spraying one branch with colloidal silver. I have sprayed it daily since two weeks before the switching to flowering light cycle.
    This is my second ever attempt to make feminized seess.. Last time was a complete success, but that time I used Rhodolisation, and as a result tge Offspring was very prone to make bananas late in flowering. Thankfully late enough so there not enough time to form seeds before harvest. (Btw, that was a Jack Herer mother/father).

    I only made a female plant producing pollen using colloidal silver once before, and that was a complete accident, (more on that another time), so I know it works.

    I switched to 12/12 a couple of days ago, and I hope to see some pre-flowers and balls any day now!

    That will be all for this first post of the grow and year!

    Next time I will talk about my nute lineup, training system and of course my setup.

    Keep it green folks!
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    Marijuana is no drug, it's a human right!

    So, back again..
    This time only for a quick post regarding the setup I use.

    First of all, the environment :
    I use a grow tent, two meters in height, an 1x1meters base (i believe that would be like 80"x40"x40").
    I use a 4" inlinine duct fan for supplying fresh air, and a 5" heavy duty steel exhaust fan pulling air trough a 5" by 15" Phresh carbon scrubber.
    For air circulation I use 2 6" clamp-on hurricanes.
    The grow lights are two DIY led cob panels with full spectrum cobs made by Cree. One of the panels is fitted with four 30W cobs ranging at 3000-3500K. For cooling Iuse a couple of old cpu heat sinks.
    The other one has three of later version (V. 3)citizen cobs, ranging at 3500-4000K, all three are 50W cobs, but I run them only at 85%, but still, this is the better performing of the two.As cooling I use, somewhat oversized GPU heatsinks.. Very neat looking, found them very cheap at Ebay. I think I will soon build another, larger one using the V6 citizen cobs.. Maybe 10 of them, mounted in a large circle...
    Anyway, that makes about 250 Watts of high performance full spectrum led cobs for lighting.
    I guess thats all about the setup. Will be back soon with an update with some pictures of the setup, a pist about my grow media, and of course some plant updates as we enter the second week of 12/12.
    Marijuana is no drug, it's a human right!


      All right! Time for a new post on this exciting project. The strain is, as mentioned earlier one of the best ever composed, it is developed by an old friend, which I lost touch with, it was called "Infinite" at the time, and this project is partly to produce a stack of new, inbred, stock of beans. Therefore I have treated one cola with colloidal silver.

      Last post I went over my setup, but I didn't provide any pictures so here is some pics of the main parts, such as led panels and fans.
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      Marijuana is no drug, it's a human right!


        Ok.. Had some issues uploading pis.. I try to upload the rest now... I only add one pic of the plant this time. I will take some more quality ones tonight and post for you.

        Right at the switch to 12/12 I did some quite heavy defoliation, but you almost can't see that now.

        I typically will do an additional, the last, defoliation in the first week of budding.
        This is a great time to see, and decide, how your plant will develop, now is the time I do the final defoliation and also lollipoping.
        Now is also the time when I decide how I want the colas to grow, and setup some lst equipment to make it happen. Never use hst, such as Supercropping, after flowering has begun. Branches gets much more woody amd likely to break and they wont heal very well either.

        I bonzaied the crap out of this lovely little girl. Made a lateral main cola using Supercropping, and all the side branches are supercropped as well as lst 'd and this makes up a very wide and even canopy, at the moment measuring 16"x26" wide and only 14 inches above ground!
        Soon we will see how much the flowering stretch add to the height, I am counting on 12 - 18 inches colas, and there is 12 of them (and a 13th thats gonna be my seed producer).
        That will be all for now. As stated before, I will be back with some plant training pics and other treats

        Grow well my friends!
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        Marijuana is no drug, it's a human right!


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