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    HELP! lightburn?!

    i got 50w full spectrum and 50w white led and its about 25cm away from leaves.
    air circulation,ph,nutrients and soil moisture is fine
    it could be lightburn?

    Pictures 1 and 2 look like it. Move your light to 40cm.
    what brand of soil?
    A garden is its own perfect world
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    • Mohsen228
      Mohsen228 commented
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      i made it myself with cocopeat,perlite and composte.good brand soils are not available in here.i just added a little nitrite.what is wrong with third one?

    • Mr.furley
      Mr.furley commented
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      How much water do you give them and how often do you water? Do you have drainage holes?

      It looks like a phosphorus deficiency but I'm not sure yet and wouldn't start there.

      Can you take a picture of #3 in nature light?

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