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Trichomes anyone?

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    Trichomes anyone?

    Thought I’d share some pics I just took of my latest grow. I’m late in the flower cycle of some Sour Diesel that looks to be a very productive plant. I’m kinda into photography and really enjoy macro work. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them.

    Awesome pics, pops!! I LOVE a good picture of trichomes. Yours look so alive!!
    Just an outsider observing...

    Grow # 9:
    Jack Herer (GHS), Bad Azz Kush (BF), C99 (G13 Labs),
    400w LED BCNL grow box,
    Royal Gorilla (RQS), Amnesia Lemon (BF), LA S.A.G.E. (TH Seeds), Chemdawg (HSO),
    400w MH/HPS BCNL grow box
    Future Harvest nutes


      Looks like National Geographic! Gorgeous!
      2 Blue Widow fem
      2 POW33 x Berry Bomb fem
      seeds from new420guyseeds
      standard ace hardware potting soil and perlite
      standard 5 gal buckets
      60" w X 20" d X 72" h grow room
      2 Vipaspectra 450w LEDs


        not enough like buttons for that post beautiful
        Currently growing:
        Northern Lights (Canuk Seeds)
        Light of JAH (Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds)
        Royal Gorilla Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

        In my defence
        I was left alone and unsupervised


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