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    What Would You Do?

    If during late flower there was a fungal gnat infestation. Would neem oil still be a viable option this close to harvest? The neem being administrated as an oil through watering, not spray.
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    Neem oil is associated with CVS/CHS, so dont use that or at least read up on it before you do. There is a thread here on this.

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      No! Cover your soil with a inch of perlite or sand and hang yellow sticky traps. Don't spray.
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      • yellow
        yellow commented
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        What is it could be used as an oil through waterings. No spray

      • Mr.furley
        Mr.furley commented
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        Use 3% hydrogen peroxide in your water at a 1:4 ratio instead of any oil.
        Still use traps and perlite or they will just come back.

      U got it right Mr.Furley, it may fizz a bit, do not water to deep only the first inch or two does the trickšŸ¤«
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