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Ok. Weird question.

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    Ok. Weird question.

    I haven't consumed much cannabis in the last couple of weeks as I'm fairly focused on making my licensed commercial cannabis grow in Oklahoma thrive.

    Nevertheless, I feel 'high' fairly regularly.

    I smoked a little bit on Christmas. I ate an edible on the 27th.

    I have felt high for almost a week.

    Side note... I have 85 cannabis seedlings entering the veg cycle.

    Has anyone else experienced the psychotropic effects of THC just through exposure to seedlings?

    Sorry mate, I never had that experience for that length of time ( u must have builtup quite a reserve) or as we said back in the day ( flashback)


      The last time I spend more than a day without smoking was back in 2012 during a road trip tru New Zealand. Besides that I can’t remember not smoking for about ten years. Can’t imagine what you’re going tru


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        That sucks best weed I Eva smoked was in New zealand

      Good luck on the commercial venture! Would luv to be giving you some competition, but the funds are not there,,, I have the land.
      I have had a bit of euphoria ever since we went medical, what a load off!
      I would also luv to see pics of your setup!! (Hell I would luv to visit, not a good idea though)
      My neighbor is having bug issues that killed about 80% of his crop, not a good start for him!
      Contact high, cant say I ever had one, I have handled a lot of weed. Go without smoking, I think I would rather go without sex or food! Ingesting does last longer, but not for days, though each one is an individual,,,


        Haven't smoked in a couple of months, and seldom do. Reality is a big enough head trip for me. I grow mainly for my wife, the maid, and neighbors, and an occasional gift to the the homeless. I "burp" lots of jars, but have never gotten a buzz that way either. I have to believe your high is psychosomatic.

        As a teenager I was obsessed with getting high as it was a rare treat. Now with weed so accessible it is not such an enticing endeavor.


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