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3rd grow, switching to photos!

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    3rd grow, switching to photos!

    Any advise welcomed, I'm new to growing and also forums! Anything to prepare for this exciting switch to photos.

    Be patient, and try to remember some some of what you learn.


      Hi Tony, welcome to the forum. I've only grown photos, and at this point, that's all I want to grow. I love having the option as to when I switch to flower, and how large I want my plant to be (according to my space). I also believe that photos are generally going to be stronger, because none of the genetics has been sacrificed to ruderalis. And there's still so much more variety and cup winners among photos.

      If you go to seedsman and go to Cannabis Seeds you will see on the far right the Award Winners I choose most of my seeds from among cup winners, and seedsman has made that quite easy.
      Anyone can grow shit weed easy. If you want to grow top shelf bud, do your research:

      Ask for help from an OG (old grower):

      Growing since July 21, 2016
      2 BCNL Roommate hydro boxes w/ 400w COB LEDs, Future Harvest nutes
      Grow # 14: C99 & Blue OG (G13 Labs), Triple G (RQS), Afgoo (Coastal Genetics), Godfather OG (DNA Crew), Kosher Kush (Reserva Privada)


        Howdy Tonykenyon and Merry Christmas. How do You intend to grow the photo period plants, hydro or soil?
        Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


          I'll check seeds man out, thank you! A buddy gave me a nice selection to try, I'm starting with white widow and grape fruit diesel, growing in soil 5gal fab pots.


            To the OP: You've got some experience already with your auto grows so you'll easily transition to photos. I believe that photos might be a little more work, not to mention that the work is dragged out longer.

            I've completed two photo grows (my first 2 grows) and I've been very pleased with my results. I am, however, switching to autos for my 3rd try.

            I think I veg'd my photos a week or two longer than I should have; they really do 'stretch' during the initial flowering phase and you must account for that need for space which can be surprising if you are indoors. Accurately calculate or visually imagine the finished, flowered plant in your allotted space and figure that half (approx) of the space is veg. When your plants reach this stage, FLIP.

            That stretch also brings on the need for individual branch support as the harvest draws near, a task that can be challenging to keep everything supported, lit well and fed. The resulting buds are immense, so the work pays off. I have read that photo strains result in 'stronger' or more potent (higher THC) buds; I believe that there are plenty of auto strains available that will match THC levels with the best photos.

            I'm trying autos for a shorter duration grow with respectable harvest results. Some of my photos went 23 weeks in my indoor tent (microscoping trichomes) awaiting the 'perfect' harvest moment. I'm planning to blast these autos with TLC, including defoliation, LST, maybe a FIM here or there, etc, etc, and do this in about 14 weeks or less.
            Agromax XL tent, Sun System lo-pro Mag XXXL, SolisTek Matrix ballast, SolisTek MH/HPS bulbs, GH Flora Trio, CO2 bag, 3 gal Air-Pots.


              Beware of light leaks even the orange LED on a power strip can screw up the dark cycle.


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