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2nd Grow, better than 1st, seeking pointers from experienced farmers.

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    SOIL 2nd Grow, better than 1st, seeking pointers from experienced farmers.

    Hello fellow Farmers, I am on my second grow, after learning valuable lessons regarding (well water pH, fungus gnats and LED lights vs seedlings) on my first grow. I live in the U.S. desert southwest in "grow zone 8b". Seeds are from an exchange, all feminized (F), Fox Farms OceanForest, I'm following Fox F. "soil schedule" (all nutrients). Rain water adjusted 6.5pH, lights are at 12/12 with watts posted on photos.

    I am on a limited "farming budget" due to fixed income. I live on well water (7.2 - 7.8pH), so I collect rain water and adjust to 6.5pH. I am planning on going to LED full spectrum after Jan 2019. I am also relying on a moisture level probe to avoid over watering, but as this grow means so much to my physical/mental well being.

    Any input or experience which may help my yield would be appreciated. Thank you all very much in advance and Merry Christmas or whatever you do? Do it to death!
    (except heroin)

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    Yo DC, for your next grow you should read the tutorials on topping, fimming, mainling, and defoliating to learn to get many more buds out of less plants. A couple of plants and concentrate your lights closer, could give you a much better yield. Learn as you go


      Your plants look great, happy and healthy. Don’t trust those moisture meters, get used to lift the pots, tip them over, move the soil with your hand, burry a finger. With some practice and paying attention to the leaves you can know when to water


        What is in the well water that you choose to not use it? I have bad wells,,, but they can be filtered (well, most of them) if I wanted to use them (I have city water). How do you collect the rain water? If it comes off the roof of your home it could be more polluted than the well water,,,
        I try to keep my CFLs within 2-3 inches of the plants, raising them when they are about 1 inch, less than an inch and you get burns.


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