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First time grower- questions about harvest time.

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    HELP! First time grower- questions about harvest time.

    Hey everyone, first-time grower here with a northern lights auto flower (in late flower stage). I am growing in roots organic soil with two 150w hps in the tent (other light it's on a different plant) My plant is 14 weeks old at this point (95 days). This is my first grow so I made a ton of mistakes and probably did a lot to stunt and delay growth throughout the whole grow. Anyway, I have all but lost most of my leaves. Leaf loss was an issue that I have been battling with for most of the mid to late flower stage. I know that leaves are naturally supposed to yellow at the end of its life cycle, but it began much earlier and now I don't even know if the plant is still even alive. I did my best to manage pH, and treat deficiencies. However, due to faulty advice, I didn't manage my pH for the first month of my grow. The only nutes that have ever been used are FF beastie bloom, and cha-ching, as well as cal-mag (I know I probably should have used the FF trio). The plant has always had issues supporting herself (i stretched her real bad while a seedling), but now she is completely leaning over and has virtually no more green leaves, However, the white hairs have not turned at least 40% dark, and as such, I never got the final flush stage. I have been looking at trichomes but I don't have a proper tool to view them (only have a magnifying glass 10x). So my question is should I harvest? I read the articles on harvesting on the main site and found examples of plants that should be harvested early but I'm just not sure.

    These plants are very forgiving - as you can attest. Your plant doesn't look too bad - those yellow leaves are not doing anything. If it were mine - I would cut all the yellow out.

    95 days - you are really close. Let her grow as long as you can keep her standing up. I had one do that to me last grow, it's very annoying having a leaner - position it like you have, in case it falls over - it will fall against the tent.

    These plants test our patience - you are doing very well - hang in there and let us know how it turns out.

    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
    Mars Hydro
    Vortex in-line 6" fan


    • TheGoodFarmer
      TheGoodFarmer commented
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      Thx, I will definitely keep up the good work, I have staked her up and all the yellow is gone. and yeah ill let you know how it turns out. When would you recommend starting to flush?

    • Canuck147
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      Now would be good.

    Just finished flushing. Used 10ml of floralkleen per gal of water and after all was said and done I got a little over half a gal of run off. The hairs have been slowly turning dark over the past couple weeks but it seems like all the sudden over the weekend it finally reached that 40% mark.


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