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Yup it's Monday !

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    Yup it's Monday !

    So I go down to water/feed/tend to the girls, take a quick look at solo cups and see a little bit-o-green peeking out, yay i'm excited. So I turn around and spill a jug of water,at least it was clean water, so I start to wipe it up and bump my table, yeah......, already salvaged the big nugs, a little glass in the bowl won't kill anybody. The rest, inna shop vac. Now I gotta go find something to add to my coffee. Click image for larger version

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    It's always best to get the 'bad luck' over with early, maybe the rest of the week will turn out o.k.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


    • 9fingerleafs
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      Hahaha so positive PRIMO I think you should sit still in a chair and don’t move for a couple of days

    Look at it this way at least it wasn’t a mirror lol


    • Redwasp
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      I think breaking a quart jar of nice bud is worse luck than breaking a mirror. That is the start to a bad day.

    The first thing you should do in the morning is: kiss a toad. then the rest of the day will be down hill all the way.
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