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    SOIL Burnt Tips Curled

    Hello, as you can see the tips are burnt and curling up!
    Is this a simple mistake of over feeding?
    They have been feeding on a Table spoon of molassis weekly.
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    I don't think that the molasses is causing that..It looks more like she is getting Nitrogen.


      Looks like shes at her edge for nutrients. The new growth tips look fine to me. I wouldn't make any huge changes. Double check ph. Not real familiar with molasses supplement though. Getting frosty.


        Actually it shows that you are using just the right maximum amount of nutrients. Your plant looks great, don't worry about it.
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        • Buzzer777
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          My guess is a few days shy of three weeks in. If's way too early to see that kind of tip burn.
          5+ weeks in maybe, but not now. If the plant is overfed, no amount of flushing will get rid of the excess..
          HOWEVER..OP says Molasses only..and a small amount at that..
          Did the Op transplant or add new soil recently?

        • yellow
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          Buzzer777 I did add 1tbsp of each ‘Neem Cake’ and Kelp feed.

        • Weed Pharma
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          Neem Cake is a 4-0-0 NPK
          Molasses is 1-0-5 NPK

          Just back your lights off a little bit.
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        Bet it was the kelp!
        I get that sometimes with certain plants if I feed some Liquid Kelp. It causes the plants to feed in overdrive, and some just don't like that!
        Make sure you feed lots of Calcium. I like Herculean Harvest by Nectar of the Gods and use it religiously.


          Buzzer777 can you explain your theory or show where you got the information on the time line on nutrient burn? Never heard such a thing and they look right in line to me. It appears to me that he slowly tested the limits of his plants nutrient uptake and then backed off until it was just right.

          I am not arguing with you are saying you are wrong but most people get that tip while in mid veg testing the limits of nutrients to use. You can see that same tip on one of my grows that has a thread here with Paganrich. It came on week 7 of veg.

          Yellow yes the nutrient needs change over the course of the grow. In flower they do need less and different % of nutrients each week until the flush. They slowly lower.


          • Buzzer777
            Buzzer777 commented
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            It's not an argument, and more of a guess than a theory. I can only go by what I see in my own plants. I begin upping the feeding at about week 5 and continue until week 7 or so (or when pistils are browning in earnest before cutting back.....That's when I see tip burn that I wanted..(pushing the plant as you say).
            If I overdo feed (Megacrop and Ginormous + kelp+ Sweet+ Herculean Harvest) before they are ready..they let me know with burnt tips.

            I did over feed a Purple Badlands last grow, and she stayed green throughout a 3 week flush (with Flawless Finish too). I haven't smoked any yet, but hopefully I won't be tasting Megacrop. She was one that did not do well with the Liquid kelp, while her tent mates did just fine.

            We each do it differently..The important thing is that we get good medicine and have fun learning in the process.

          • Redwasp
            Redwasp commented
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            Buzzer777 I was not thinking you were arguing. Lol But it did seem like maybe I was in a small way. I wasnt I just wanted to know if there was some article or factual information showing that. The plants do have almost a bell curve of nutrient needs. If you use the box farm trio that bell curve is already factored in and your just go by their chart. Although at lower doses.

            So yes your observation about that is accurate and true. It's just that it can occur anytime you add to many nutrients or have the water in the wrong ph range.

          Somango was fed heavily but never got burn..Kosher Kush on the same feeding and shows just a bit. Somango is about 38 days in and Kosher Kush about 28 days.

          Both got small doses of kelp in flower.


   worries..never took it that way..

            I am older and kinda used to flying by the seat of my pants..However, I do take notes and pictures as I go, since memory isn't as good as it once was..
            I do read a bunch (retired with time) and try to factor what I read in with real life experiences..
            When it comes down to it..just when I think I have things figured out..Bam ..(like women)


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