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    Need help!

    This was supposed to be an auto but here it is in the 14th week and was still going strong. Can anyone tell me whar has my girl looking so sickly? I'm doing a hydro grow in hydraclay and using LED

    Hey lonnie, to me it looks like just getting closeer to the end of harvest but the way the leaf tips are turning brown and dying it also leads me to think maybe heat stress or light burn.
    can you post your entire setup info for us to see and that would also be useful for us to know how you've grown them and nutes you have been feeding ventilation etc...
    Will help us help you better. Good luck.


      How's the temperature in the space, and how are the roots doing?

      The uniformity of the yellowing leaves makes me believe it could be root rot or it just got too cold in the grow space. The sudden temperature change where I am brought my basement down a near 10F overnight.


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        Heck.... do you have water plumbing pipes running through that basement? If my basement ever got to below freezing... I’m in big trouble. Currently below freezing outdoors but the basement is about 72. Courtesy of the Lighting, of course.

      do you have a loupe? What do your Tricromes look like?
      14 weeks is 98 day that the end of the road for most autos.
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