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Confined Space Grow 600w

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    Confined Space Grow 600w

    Confined space grow 600 watt HPS

    (auto + fem + mutant?)

    50% soil
    25% coir
    12% perl
    12% verm
    1% I swear I’m finding micro plastics in everything these days, from bottled water to fucking sushi fish, the state of global pollution currently...

    Myco + hydro nutrients + urea powder.

    Any questions feel free to ask

    Chur ya’ll


    Welcome Vitaminthc

    How confined is your space?
    Space for Rent.


    • Vitaminthc
      Vitaminthc commented
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      1m x 1m x 1.6m high tent
      on its side in a small attic crawl space

    You shouldn't grow in glass jars. Roots don't like light. The water has no way to drain.


    • Vitaminthc
      Vitaminthc commented
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      They spent less than a total of 42 hours in those glasses, I used them specifically to record the speed of the seedlings growth. They all had a main root out the bottom withing 8 hours of being transferred from paper towel shortly after cracking. The irregular growth you see is NOT pH, light burn, over/under watering or any nutrient/root issues, these are genetic instabilities coming all the way from the breeders. these were from a seed bank and spent almost a year and a half in storage,
      so I’m lucky they sprouted.

      I did realize that even within that 42 hours salts from nutrients were able to physically build up in the side of the glass, interesting to learn than even trace amounts of nutrients for seedlings can build up and cause detrimental effects if not corrected properly.
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