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    I just had to kick out two beautiful plants that evidently got stressed somehow & decided just being female wasn’t good enough for them. I did not catch it in time & may not have even noticed anyway until I saw pollen on the leaves. After looking at this plant I am concerned that what I am seeing now is some seeds growing. If so, shouldn’t I go ahead & harvest?
    Last edited by Donnies58; 11-04-2018, 03:31 PM.

    Yes. You got tons of seeds. But the only thing worst than a bud with seeds is a bud with immature seeds, hard to separate when it’s time to smoke and some even too small to see them. I wouldn’t use any resulting seed cause it looks crazy pollinated and probably produce self pollinating plants. How long it’s been flowering? Seeds can take up to 40 days to develop. But with a hermie plant it could never stop making new seeds. Hard to know


      It's the other 2 plants that were the hermies. This one has been flowering for maybe at least a couple of months. I lost track of the time so I can't say for sure. No problems until I put the other 2 plants in with this one & one other plant. Don't smoke anyway, mostly tea or edibles.


      • D.A.A.S.69
        D.A.A.S.69 commented
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        Donnies58 I sure would ,she's almost ready anyway.
        I sure hate that, but its still gonna be some killer smoke. Even if you dont smoke.
        Nice big fat buds.

      • 9fingerleafs
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        In that case don’t mind them seeds and harvest whenever you like and enjoy

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