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    Forever Green Grow - Journal 100% Organic

    Hello all,

    It has been a long long time. I haven't had the chance to come back to the forum for ages, life has its way you know. But lately time is something I have a lot more of. Coming back to the website and forum nowadays I thought it would be cool to get involved a bit again. Website is still looking on point, great articles to catch up on, well done ! I don't see a huge amount of the previous users I have encountered earlier on though, shame , but well, more new friends to meet ! Can't wait to hear your feedback and suggestion guys, always nice to have some outside opinion from passionate growers !

    So let's start with this journal, I have been growing for a few months already and it has been quite bumpy unfortunately due to me being away for the whole flowering almost. The plant were left in the hands of a friend who didn't have a lot of time nor experience with this type of grow.

    So here we go, The Grow, its happening in a homemade 2.5m long, 1.8m wide and 2m high room. The box has been split into 2 equals part in order to run it veg and flo forever.

    The Light in the Happy room is 600W HPS Venture while the Nursery room runs 400W MH Venture with a 85W CFL.

    The grow will be 100% organic with as little bought fertilizer as possible. Some soil is cooking at the moment which should be ready in a few days. This mix will be recycled and re-amended after every cycle. The recipe might change over time according to the response from the plants.

    The Soil mix has been extrapolated from different recipes available on the great internet and according to research on nutrient's various behaviour and characteristics. Not being based in the US makes it a whole new challenge to gather some of the raw elements such as feather, blood, greensand, high P guano and soon many more! Such a shame. The whole balance of the mix needs to be pretty much revised and recalculated according to the resources available.

    It is composed mainly of :

    - Animal by-products such as oyster shell, steamed bone meal, seabird guano, insect frass, blood meal, feather meal, worm cast and steer manure.

    - Plant by-products such as coco coir, alfalfa meal, rice and kelp meal.

    - Minerals such as dolomite lime, soft rock phosphate, gypsum, azomite, zeolite, rock dust, bio-char and diatomaceous earth.

    The mix will run following some of Rev's principle such as layering and spiking.

    The spikes follow Rev's recipe, Veg made up of blood meal, steamed bone meal, seabird guano, feather meal, kelp meal and oyster shell flour. The Flower one has feather meal, GHF Bio-bloom, rock phosphate, steamed bone meal, seabird guano, kelp meal and oyster shell flour.

    This will make up a super charged super soil which should support plenty life to allow for some bushy girls.

    The Pots will not all be 10L fabric pots like initially planned, some will be turned into 10L organic soil hempy buckets following the same general principles, to experiment and see the differences.

    Both will still be fed Pure Water and Teas: various Aerated Compost Teas, Sprouted seed teas from Barley, Corn, Alfalfa, Cannabis, wheatgrass and various foliar feeds.

    The environment will be kept at 26-27°c with 50-60% RH in Veg and 24-25°c with 30-40%RH in Flower

    About The Genetics it will be 3 feminized strains all coming from RoyalQueenSeeds NL, Lemon Haze, Chocolate Haze, Dance World (50/50 CBD/THC)

    Most of The Training will be topping, prunning and LST, the aim is to obtain a 8 time manifold, obviously this won't be possible once plant are started from clone, a freestyle method will be required.

    That should cover about everything. This plan will be put into action as soon as the soil is cooked, but the box has been running for the past 4 months already using the same idea, simply without the homemade soil.

    The second generation is growing at the moment with the first one almost ready to be ignited.

    Couple of pictures will walk you through past the grow catching you up up until now.

    02/05 Day 1

    Alright so as you can see sprouting on 2nd of may and 3 weeks later they were still in the same pot... Big mistake , the plant were pissed !! Unfortunately supplies were lacking in order to do an efficient transplant which was eventually done on the 5th of june. As you can see it is seriously root bound, but it remains quite a beautiful sight.


    24/05 Day 22


    05/06 Day 34

    While those are being transplanted some new seedling are about to emerge. A seed of Dance World who will hopefully not end up like its predecessor, and a seed of chocolate Haze.


    09/06 Day 38 - Day 3 New seeds

    This rough start stunned the plant and its growth slowed down and vitality diminished, but the training continued, they seemed to enjoy their new pots a lot.


    16/06 Day 45 - Day 10 New seeds

    The Dance World which is the messed up one, easy to spot, has behaved strangely from the beginning and seem to be slowly dying, no clue what was happening.


    25/06 Day 54 - Day 19 New seeds

    While this was happening on the one side 2 new seedlings were emerging on the other side and more surprisingly after spending a month in an improvised hydro ice cream tube, 2 of the "clones" rooted, those clones were the top of the plant which was removed at day 24. Quite the surprise, unfortunately only one of them made it and is still alive.


    28/06 - Day 57 - Day 1 Choc Clone - Day 22 New Seeds

    Her is a panorama of the 2 rooms. The clones and new seedlings are coming along on the right.


    1/07 - Day 66 - Day 4 Choc Clone - Day 25 New seeds

    They have moved in a bigger home once again , the final 10L fabric pot, they are doing well except for the Dance world who is still busy dying. Cause was still unknown.


    05/07 - Day 70 /Flower Day 1 - Day 5 Choc Clone - Day 29 New seeds

    Time for switch to flowering, from today they will be on a 12/12 schedule, unfortunately from this day onward they will be "unattended" or sufficiently taken care of to survive by someone else. The following picture will be updates recieved.

    The DW has been removed from the room, it was in no shape to recover, autopsy revealed hundreds of tiny little white creatures that were living in the soil , it might have been fungus gnat but it is still unknown to this day.


    10/07 - Day 75 /Flower Day 5 - Day 9 Choc Clone - Day 34 New Seeds

    Growing into their new pots.


    14/07 - Day 79/Flower Day 9 - Day 13 CC - Day 38 NS

    Look at that, 9 days later. They are stretching well, although the canopy is getting slightly irregular.


    01/08 - Day 97/Flower Day 27 - Day 31 CC - Day 56 NS

    Little more than 3 weeks and the stretch is over, the buds are now starting to form.


    07/08 Day 103/Flower Day 33 - Day 37 CC - Day 63 NS

    Growing nicely along some Snap Dragon.


    12/08 Day 108/Flower Day 38 - Day 42 CC - Day 67 NS

    The trichome production seems to be lagging behind, and some signs of heat/light stress are showing up and possibly a slight over watering; leaves curling strangely.



    17/08 Day 113/Flower Day 43 - Day 47 CC - Day 72 NS

    Resin is arriving, getting frosty.


    Heat/Light stress seems to have dissipated but possibly sign of N excess , leaves clawing, or might still be related to overwatering. But buds are swelling nicely.


    The second Dance World from seed in the back grown into a manifold and that needs to be tied down and opened up.

    The one in the middle is the chocolate clone going for a freestyle training

    The Chocolate Haze from seed in front growing wild. It has been topped early but the growth resulting from the cut were deformed, it was an amazing long awaited mutation ! 3 branches emerged instead of 2, the 2 stems on the one side had the mutation, each stem was made of 2 stem fused together. the one might have had more. it has been observed in nature and it creates crazy growth. You can imagine if instead of having an alternate nodding you suddenly have a double alternated nodding , it will make for some very strong thick colas and the top buds could end up huge. Unfortunately both were topped by mistake... but what came out of it (this is in the next few months) is not a bad thing that the one branch sent 3 stems and the other split into 2 and each sent 3 stems. It makes for a very long wide spider plant.


    27/08 - Day 123/Flower Day 53 - Day 57 CC - Day 82 NS

    The Nursery is going well, homemade humidifier with fan and water in the bank to keep the ladies happy and a little LST here and there to open them up.


    29/08 - Day 125/Flower Day 55 - Day 59 CC - Day 84 NS

    Buds fattening up but the lemon haze is in a bad shape, the stems are loosing strength and buds are needing support, a potential cause could be to much heat making them sweat out too much potassium making them loose strength and dow the line affecting calcium, magnesium and messing with nutrient intake... a theory...


    04/09 - Day 131/Flower Day 61 - Day 65 CC - Day 90 NS

    Its getting worse by the day it seems but help is on its way, back to take care of them soon...


    13-14/09 - Day 140/Flower Day 70 - Day 74 CC - Day 99 NS

    Back, Back , Back ! Finally, lots of work to be done to get everything to max efficiency. Lots of training on both flower and veg. Flower needed colas to be adjusted on cages, heat issue needed to be fixed, lots of feeding to do, tea is brewing, pots have been top dressed with vermicast and insect frass to try and trigger and immune response and boost the lest stretch. Nutrients issues such as potassium, calcium, magnesium but all will get better soon.

    The nursery is the fun part now, they all need a serious tie down and a little haircut. They look healthy but they are getting hungry. Another tea, let's go. The little one on the floor at the back is the clone, its isn't very big for it age but it hasn't been transplanted and need a larger home. It has been decided it will be a hempy bucket with all organic soil. It will be interesting to see if she can catch up to the others.


    Open up ! Fill your space, grab the light.


    18/09 - Day 145/Flower Day 75 - Day 79 CC - Day 104 NS

    Everything is coming getting back into order. The environment is back to its normal condition, a sweet average of 25 overall. The Happy room is looking happier by the day, the tea and top dress is slowly showing effect, the life in the pot is coming back.

    The veg is booming after the tea and top dress and the Clone is loving her hempy, she is growing at an exponential rate !


    22/09 - Day 149/Flower Day 79 - Day 83 CC - Day 108 NS

    The DW on the left is growing thick, bushy and evenly. She does sometimes throw a few strange leaves like her predecessor, possibly a genetic instability.

    The Chocolate at the back is growing like advertised, filling her space and sending long colas at a fast pace.

    The Chocolate Clone Hempy on the right doesn't have as many colas as the Choc seed but the few she does have are growing super strong and catching up with the other plant very quickly, the hempy is working very well so far. One thing that will be improved on the next hempies will be a lot more drainage in the organic soil such as perlite, lava rock, pumice, rice hulls, etc..., The drainage is quite slow and the rate at which the root drink the water from the perlite compared to the rate at which the soil dries up doesn't match. Higher water/nutrient intake could be achieved if the soil would allow watering more often.


    24/09 - Day 151/Flower Day 81 - Day 85 CC/Flower Day 2 CC+NS - Day 110 NS ---------- 1xLemon Harvested - 5 months total - 2 month 10 days Veg/2 month 21 days Flower

    First plant harvested. The smell is beautiful, a mix of lemon and melon. Unfortunately like the others they have been stunned to early in their growth and have not had time to develop into big enough plant to sustain a large yield. In addition the issues they ran into while away have seriously impacted the yield. Anyway the smoke will still be very enjoyable, after all it is organic.

    The other 3 Ladies are out of the nursery and into the happy room.Time to flower as they are growing to quickly and the Hempy will be taking over quite soon. A flat overall canopy will be hard to maintain. Also impatience might be a factor.


    28/09 - Day 155/Flower Day 85 - Day 89 CC/Flower Day 6 CC+NS - Day 114 NS

    Some Lemon drying, manicure was a pain due to all the burnt leaves encrusted in the buds...It will make the reward even greater I guess.


    1/10 - Day 158/Flower Day 88 - Day 92 CC/Flower Day 9 CC+NS - Day 117 NS

    The stretch is on ! They are starting to shoot up overtaking the already flowering plants.

    Since there was no more plant in the nursery at the moment the 400W MH was moved in the Happy room to have a lovely round 1000W for an extra kick!

    A slight Thrips siege on the older flowering is undertaking and hopefully won't jump to the new flowering, Although completely unrealistic and naive as thrips have wings...

    They will be taking care of with canola oil and garlic in the next few days.


    3/10 - Day 160/Flower Day 90 - Day 94 CC/Flower Day 11 CC+NS - Day 119 NS

    The plants won't stop anytime soon, they are eating up the space. The older flowering one need to get out and make space.

    The flowering Ladies are being pushed a little further than they should, having gotten a second breath of life they have gone back into production but their time is almost up.

    The calyxes are swelling a lot ! Trichome production is up, let's keep pushing.


    Some purple started appearing on the Lemon mainly , particularly on the spots that were burnt by the light. The chocolate had a tiny bit as well showing up, not sure of the explanation, possibly the plant inner clock telling her it is getting close to the end of its cycle and starting to have autumn leaves.


    7/10 - Day 164/Flower Day 94 - Day 98 CC/Flower Day 15 CC+NS - Day 123 NS ---------- 1xChocolate Harvested - 5 months 2 weeks total - 2 month 10 days Veg/3 months 2 days Flower

    Chocolate was harvested today, she looked optimal and ripe for the taking. In the closet she goes. The chocolate is a 9-10 weeks flowering strain, 5 month grow and 13 weeks flowering for such a small little tiny plant, if you can't see the humour in that...Growing can be frustrating.

    Anyway those one will have full attention and will be spoiled as much as possible ! A perfect triangle plant. (Hempy Clone)

    The plants have been sprayed with canola oil and garlic, robertson's spray. the pots were all wrapped in plastic bags to avoid contamination prior to foliar drench. Done after lights out. The next morning no more thrips or at least none that have been found yet. Pesky little things.


    9/10 - Day 166/Flower Day 96 - Day 100 CC/Flower Day 17 CC+NS - Day 125 NS ---------- 1xLemon 1x Chocolate Harvested - 5 months 16 days - 2 months 10 days Veg/3 months 4 days Flower

    One of the worst nightmare of all grower as fallen upon the Happy room.... Bananas...Crappy bananas... They have sprouted on the remaining 2 older flowering plant. They were pushed for too long...Their internal clock triggered a one last attempt to produce seeds for next season by self-pollination...Damn ! Luckily it was caught early and only 1 site had fairly developed bananas the other 2-3 spots were very early barely formed ones. they were removed with utmost precaution like defusing a time bomb. Obviously this time bomb had already exploded as bananas are exposed stamen.

    The 2 plants were urgently taken out and harvest. Hopefully the damage doesn't extend too far or slows down the growth of those promising new plants. And worst case scenario a cross between chocolate and lemon haze seeds supplied in large quantity wouldn't be a terrible thing either. Win win ?


    10/10 - Day 101 CC/Flower Day 18 CC+NS - Day 126 NS

    The stretching is slowly giving away to the budding. Now that they have full use of their space they have been trained outwards to lower canopy and cover larger area.

    The dance world on the right is growing quite short and stocky, with dens canopy and bushy branches. The nodding has been pretty crazy and she has sent secondary branches all the way to the top of the canopy. She has barely reached twice her size during the stretch, what an interesting little munchkin.The 2 chocolate are growing vigorously with a clear difference between hempy and fabric, the hempy has much thicker body , healthier and more vigorous growth, with long tightly nodded and little elongated colas. The Fabric does have a lot more colas meaning a bigger spread of resources but it still grows in a less vigorous way which is probably a good thing otherwise her stretch might have been out of control.174340281_10101.thumb.jpg.e2f6057274a002a1d86c8841adf02f29.jpg

    The Chocolate fabric has been transplanted into a hempy yesterday. A bed of perlite was made in a bucket, the bottom of the fabric pot cut off and played on the perlite, some light soil was fitted around the fabric pot and the velcro opened in order to allow root to explore further. Funny looking thing. Looking forward to see the result and if there is any changes in growth that makes her resemble more of her sister's growth.


    14/10 - Day 105 CC/Flower Day 22 CC+NS - Day 130 NS

    There we are, all caught up on the past of this Forever Green Room. There we are in the almost present.

    The buds are coming along nicely filling up the stem slowly. The resin production is pretty impressive for this early in flower (D22). Especially considering it took the previous generation around 35 days to have decent flowers starting and 42 to start having a noticeable trichome production.

    The plants were given a foliar feed this morning before lights on. The foliar feed was bubbled for 20h and was made up of Humic, Fulvic, Kelp,Molasses, Soft Rock Phosphate, Alfalfa, Kelpak, Aloe Juice Ice cube, Alfalfa Sprouted Seed Tea Ice cube and vermicast. Aloe Juice, like coconut water contains Cytokinin which is a great growth hormone and Alfalfa SST has Triacantanol and auxins which are also very efficient hormones. Let's see the results.

    On the right is an improvised Spar cake packaging propagation dome. Inside are 14 chocolate/DW clones busy trying to establish themselves. 3 have already rooted and a couple more look like they are on their way. They are under the 85W CFL.


    15/10 - Day 106 CC/Flower Day 23 CC+NS - Day 131 NS - Day 1 Generation 3

    There we go, today , the day this post is being written. If you made it all the way here Welcome again and I hope you will enjoy what the future will bring.

    Today marks the first day of 5 new clones which will be referred to as Generation 3. It is made up of 3x Dance World and 2x Chocolate Haze.

    After a bumpy start in this new environment things are finally settling down and falling into places. I am sure I will get tons of valuable info from you guys and will teach me a few things, hopefully I can return the favours so any comment,questions,critics, feel free I am all ears.

    Here is a snap of the little workstation with foldable table in the nursery room to get crafty with some teas and various mixes and my little grow calendar.

    Cool, Happy grow everyone!

    508277452_14102.thumb.jpg.8dff4a957de033775f91a6cf6736f567.jpg1885590435_14103.thumb.jpg.0c97eebb6dbef6628a9306e0559c6249.jpg ​​​​​​

    Wow that's one heck of a comeback post. Lol Not sure I've written that much at one sitting ever. Lol Nice grow mate.


      Wow, what great detail !! Welcome back.
      I'm like you always adding something else to my soil, I used to anyway, not much now though.
      Great pictures an journal.
      Cfls for a week or two
      315lec for everything else
      Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
      36x36x63 inch tent.
      6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
      Smart pots


      • Ingwe
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        Thanks for the support.
        Why have you stopped adding ?

      Hahah thanks, yes it is indeed quite a write up. I do have the time and oportunity so I thought it would be good to record and document as much as possible.


        22/10/18 - Lots have happened! : Day 30 Flower for the Chocolates and Dance World - Day 7 for 4 DW clones and 2 Choco clones

        Alright, Weekly update here we go !

        Let's start with the youngest, The Clones. Since last time a few more Dance World clones have been added. They were taken from flowering plants so they will have to re veg.


        So I had something interesting happening a few days ago. When I take clones I usually let them soak for a while in a glass of water and fresh aloe juice. This time 2 of the clones had there stem soaking right in the middle of some aloe goo floating in the water. The next day when I took them out I noticed the 2 clones which were in the aloe had already developed a small root whereas the on that were soaking just next to the aloe goo floating, opposed to in it, did not generate root. Next time I take clone, and maybe you should try it too, I will put the goo around the stem and let it soak in water, next day the goo will be kept on the stem and transplanted. Aloe has regenerating properties, maybe if kept around the stem for long enough without suffocating it it could help. Anyway try it and let us know. I certainly will.

        What I did try during this transplant is plant the clone in a small piece of aloe and put that in a jiffy. I will let you know of the results.

        Since last week 4 DW clones have rooted and 2 Choco within 4 days. They have been transplanted in small pots and today, about a week later, 2 DW and 1 Choco were transplanted again in a larger pot. The roots were developing way too fast. The DW could have waited a bit longer but the Choco was already circling the pot, crazy root grow!


        My super soil is finally ready and looks beautiful, nice and dark with a lovely smell! They clones have been transplanted in it !

        I am running an experiment with one DW in purchased 'supersoil' and one in homemade supercoil. It will be interesting to see the difference.


        Now for the flowering room, They are doing quite well, they are now at the beginning of their 5th week, day 30. The buds are swelling at a constant rate and the trichome production is quite a sight! The buds are getting super frosty and absolutely beautiful to watch! A sweet smell is slowly starting to fill the room.


        They were given a Super Powered Tea and Foliar feed since last update as I started to notice a slight K deficiency and an even slighter P.

        The foliar feed was made up of the general stuff with humic, fulvic and alfalfa SST, The super tea was a wide variety of amendments and what I call the ABC of SST which is Alfalfa, Corn and Barley. I made a few batches of each + cannabis SST and Aloe juice which I have frozen in cubes, They can be conserved and used anytime this way. I made it so that 1 cube is for 2L of water. Simply let them melt and throw it in your tea.

        I managed to get my hands on some Greenhousefeeding Bio-Bloom, any of you playing with this product ? any opinions/observation you can share ?

        I have top dressed the plant with half of the recommended dosage and after about a week I can see some slight fungus development and a few roots going to the topsoil to tap on the nutrients being converted there. I have also noticed my top soil being very crusty, like if you had a soil that is overdosing on magnesium. not sure if that is a result of the fungus, but it made me uncomfortable and I started breaking it away, don't want my plant to suffocate...

        The plants are reacting very well to the tea and I imagine the top dress as well. At the moment , considering they are in hempy buckets, I water them every 3 days, This time they took 4,5L before I saw the tinniest run off, pretty crazy as pots are 10L... . I will have to water them every 2 days soon. Oh and the DW has also been moved into a Hempy. Strange to transplant halfway through flowering I know, but the Choco boomed after moving in it, hopefully DW does too.

        Temp wise still a nice steady 24-25 in the room with an RH averaging the 50%.

        Here is the Dance World (30 Days Flo):

        She just has way too many leaves haha. Bushy girl.


        But a nice Canopy though.


        The buds are quite far behind the chocolate even though she is suppose to flower 1-2 weeks earlier, maybe she will have a sudden boost.


        As for the Chocolate from Seed (30 Days Flo) :

        Long tall plant eating up space quick, just beautiful ! This girl must grow massive in outdoor, might try to pop a clone outside.


        A good canopy as well that doesn't fit in the frame, my bad..


        Nice tight long colas!



        And the buds, oh the buds... Looking good !




        And last but not Least the Choco from Clone (30 Days Flo) :

        Not many colas, 3 big one and a few small one, but surely they will grow huge !! Already a noticeable difference between the clone and seed. She is not super photogenic, but in real life she is a beaut!


        Canopy isn't fantastic but it is on purpose to allow light to go all along those long colas. The socks, 100% cotton adidas, very comfy.


        Nice big Colas


        And the buds, a lot more photogenic





        So yeah thats about it for now. Thanks for watching and I hope all you guys have a sweet day !

        Grow well.



        Trying' to be arty

        22:10 CC Bud3.jpg


          look awesome
          DWC is Awesome.

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