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**update on northern lights**

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    HELP! **update on northern lights**

    Week 5
    Nothen Lights
    Auto flowering
    Coco coir medium

    plants are drawing nitrogen (is it?) From lower leaves turning them yellow, I've read it is natural for the plant to do this at the start of flowering? Any suggestions?

    Also, I suspect they have neutriants burn as new growth tips are turning yellow I am using 45ml of coco a & b to 10L of water spread out across 10 plants. I gave them 1L of water with no added neutriants and left for a day no difference. I need to feed my plants at this point so I gave them half the usual amount? Anyone give any suggestions?

    Thanks Everyone

    I'll reserve judgment until I can see what we're talking about.
    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
    Mars Hydro
    Vortex in-line 6" fan


      Are these the same plants you posted about last month when you were over watering them?
      Sour60 autos.
      3 gal grow bags 70/30 coco/perlite.
      26"x 44"x 78" tall grow area.
      2 - 300 watt HyberGrow full spectrum LEDs (actual 105watts).


        At 5 weeks it is very unlikely due to flowering. I could tell you what it could be but would be stabbing in the dark. So as Cunuck says post a picture of the whole plant.


          Sorry everyone I thought I did. Here they are at 5 weeks


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            Hey 17, they look nice to me, but I can't see what your talking about because of your lights being on.
            Can you take a picture in natural light ?

          They look pretty good - little too droopy for my liking - are you letting your pots go really dry in between waterings - or do you keep them moist all the time? Cuz you don't want to drown them now.
          What kind of lighting are they getting?
          Tell us your whole story at one time - then we won't have to a week in between postings.
          ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
          Mars Hydro
          Vortex in-line 6" fan


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