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    HYDRO Advanced nutrients 3part schedules

    Hey everyone, so started drifting away from general hydro an have been slowly building up my advanced nutes line.. ive been running the 3 part nutrients as directed on lable, the 1-1-1 ratio.. working fine still it seems in week 4 almost 5 of flower.. but all that nitrogen later in flower can't be good right!?! Anyone out there figured out a better feeding schedule using the 3 part system? Also to mention i run DWC 5 gal buckets.. also have advanced nutrients powdered Bud Blood, powdered Big bud, powdered Carboload, and liquid Overdrive.. working on getting the three bottle root system they have. But any help with the 3 part base nutrients would be forever grateful! Thanks!

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      I’ve been thinking of switching to advanced nutes, let us know how it turns out
      Grow and good luck
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        I use Advanced but in Vermi Fire. But still I use Pirana ,Voodoo Juice and hydroguard for roots.B-52,Bud Candy ,Rino Skin and Big Bud. I also use Bud Ignitor , Cal Mag and Final Finish. Those are my additives on top of my NPK nuits


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          For my situation I use fractional amounts to maintain my correct ppm.

        Trichomefarmer88 First of all, huge kudos for moving away from G.H. Plants look amazing btw.

        Are you following their doses exactly as they say? If so, might want to lower your doses. GrowMeTrichomes has the right idea; Use only fractions of their doses to maintain your target PPM/EC. The majority of nute companies usually exaggerate the doses they recommend we use on OUR plants. I've only used their Big Bud, Bud Candy, and their Flawless Finish, but even then I only use a fraction of what they recommend.
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          What ppm rang do you shoot for? I run 3 gals of water at a time in 5 gal bucket, i use 45ml a piece an working great so far, but i just messed up this last watering some how an my ph was way down to 5.0 5.1.. i just started noticing yellow tiny dots all over the upper half an the bottom drooping.. knew right away it was calcium, but was confused because the ph perfect, and i use 15ml for 3 gal an has ALWAYS worked.. but sure enough i check ph an was that low! Crazy, but my line up for her now is a.n base a.n bud blood an big bud an carboload g.h cal magic Terpinator photosynthesis plus hydrogaurd.. but working alright


            Trichomefarmer88 I grow in hydro as well and I use AN line. I've asked that question over the phone (they're very helpful) and was told that the nitrogen in the 3 parts is kept low enough not to cause probmems in flowering. HOWEVER, over-feeding is a different matter, which I did on one grow and got nitrogen claw in flowering. It was a fairly delicate Sativa.

            So I never get to their recommended levels; I'm pushing the nutes a little harder this grow, but at week 4 flower, I'm still at about 65% of what they recommend. I've got around 6 gallons of water for 4 plants in my big grow box, and I'm feeding 60ml of MGB right now, where they recommend around 91ml. As Nebula says, less can be more with nutrients.

            Here's what I use:

            BASE NUTES:Always maintain 1:1:1 ratio.
            1. Micro (Always add first and mix well.)
            2. Grow
            3. Bloom

            VEG PHASE:
            1. Voodoo Juice:1st 2 weeks of Veg and Flower. Beneficial microbes.
            2. Tarantula:1st 2 weeks of Veg and Flower.
            3. Microbial Munch: Use for the veg stage.
            4. B-52: Use every week in veg.

            FLOWER PHASE: 1 tsp = 5ml
            Voodoo Juice:1st 2 wks. 2ml/L
            1. Tarantula:1st 2 wks. 2ml/L
            2. Sensizym:wks 1-6. 2ml/L
            3. Bud Ignitor: wks 1-2 2ml/L
            4. Big Bud Powder: wks 2-4 2ml/L = 2.5 tsp Roomie; 1 tsp closet
            5. Bud Candy: wks 1-6. 2ml/L
            6. B-52: wk 3-penultimate wk. 2ml/L
            7. Overdrive: Use last 2 weeksbefore flush. 2ml/L
            8. Humboldt Honey: use with Overdrive
            Flawless Finish couple of days after final week of nutes.

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              Thank you! Makes sence! I have got up to 45 ml each on the base, plant seems to love the stuff.. i however slipped on checking ph last week and got a little calcium lock out! So pissed at myself, i noticed a little yellow spots showing on uper leaves so started checking everything!!! And of course ph was down to 5.1.... 😑 but got it all figured out an fixed up! Hopefully not to much damage, fingers crossed

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              Trichomefarmer88 You flushed em, right? Your plants should be fine at this point: they're nice and strong, just chugging along...

            Yeah i flushed an swapped the water, for everything back on track.. came down a bit on the advanced nutes, thanks man, plants looking more an more amazing! I've been looking into other jugs of A.N base want to maybe try jungle juice or connisore.. what you think alltatup.


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              @Trichomefarmer68 I've never used either one of them.

              One thing I have done on this grow that isn't noted in my directions above: I've been putting in Voodoo Juice and Tarantula every week when I change the nutes. I don't know if it's necessary or not, but I have the impression that it keeps my roots stronger. I could be mistaken; it could be wishful thinking...

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