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Cold forecast, premature harvest

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    Cold forecast, premature harvest

    Hi! My plant is a few months away from harvest, just has large budlets right now. The weather is turning and next week looks horrible - rainy and cloudy with a low of 34 overnight. Problem is, is that she’s almost seven feet tall and there is literally nowhere I can move her, not one place. She blends in nicely so I can’t throw a blanket on her without drawing attention.

    My quesrion is, is there any way to still get high from such an early harvest? Is there anything I can do to salvage such an utter failure? I’ve been loving on her since April and I’m so sad. Thanks.

    Prune, supercrop the hell out of her, drag into the basement,then get all the light you can on her, cross fingers. Mother nature can be a real bitch sometimes. Good luck !


      In short it wouldn't be worth smoking if it's that far away. Did you plant late? Is it really a few months away? Anyways next time try some autos so you do not run into this issue.

      But before you let her die you can always try it. Never smoked a budlet.


      • Potted
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        Had a similar problem this summer with a early harvest with budlets I dried and cured and treated like ripe buds. I’m bud spoiled tho. I dident think it was very good but I needed a nube someone who smokes but not that much to judge it’s
        quality, she liked it?????? I guess I’m use to the best buds spoiled bud I like it.

      HL2200 , Man, I hate to hear that, but that's just bad planning on your part, not trying to be mean, just sayin, but you learned a hellava lesson.
      Autos like Redwasp said ,would might have been fine.
      If your weather is gonna stay that cold, your in trouble, but if it's just a light frost ,you'll be ok.
      I've had light frost on my plants many times, matter of fact, honeysuckle and MJ, are about the only plants in our huntin woods, that's still got a little green on them, that time of year. They stick out too.
      I sure hope your weather changes, and you make it to harvest though.
      Cfls for a week or two
      315lec for everything else
      Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
      36x36x63 inch tent.
      6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
      Smart pots


        Thanks everyone! It’s totally my fault for messing it up earlier, kept cutting off the growth tips thinking I was helping it eventually have bigger colas. Learned a hard lesson. So I accidentally postponed her flowering by quite a while. Her budlets are getting bigger, and last night we covered her with one of those silver Mylar survival blankets as the low was 30 degrees. I’m going to start flushing her now and just call it a loss, maybe we’ll catch a small buzz. Thanks for your help!! Autofem from here on out for sure.


        • RosettaStoned
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          You must be far up there. We have had some cold weather, 34 this morning but all is well and I didn't cover it. As long as its above 32 and no frost I think it will be fine. Unless of course your weather is much different than mine. I'm back to 80s on Monday and the lows in the 10 day are in the 50s average. I'm upper half of Illinois near the lake

        Northern Wisconsin.


        • RosettaStoned
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          Ah yes, you get all the crap weather the lake blows over US down here. Excellent tomatoes by the way. I'm a paste tomato (San marzano and amish) and tomatillo grower, a few heirlooms like brandywines.

        • hycheese
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          I moved from the GreenBay area 600 miles straight south near the Tenn. border, my outdoor vegetable growing season is now between April and November of most years. Though the coldest 2 winter months stay between a pleasant 40F/20F the summers can be brutal.

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